mental health

Time Changes

We were supposed to live in serenity
But I wondered who started this.
Now leaving in peace becomes the enemy of our being.
Smile slowly wipes off our faces
As tears of joy express sorrows, Grief
As time changes

We now leave to manage our despair with depressed voice,
Mind chain with envy in this depressed world.
How can we continue working in fear without death as it wages?
We learn to stomach death as our birthright; fighting for what’s ours,
While our leaders becomes the Knight of the night with knife behind
They lied just to wake up fine on their bed of lies,
Like the groom without His Bride at the wedding just because he lied.
When we lied to create peace, pieces we find.
As time changes

Dare not to break your promise.
Dare to make smooth rough edges.
Some fight for power, race, ethnicity as underdog in politics
But all culture with rough edges.
Until we break out of culture we will remain fugitives
In our self made community
As time changes

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