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Time Changes

We were supposed to live in serenityBut I wondered who started this.Now leaving in peace becomes the enemy of our being.Smile slowly wipes off our facesAs tears of joy express sorrows, GriefAs time changes We now leave to manage our despair with depressed voice,Mind chain with envy in this depressed world.How can we continue working…
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Find your Soul a Home.

In the world of uncertainty,Where blindness is at its peak,When lies becomes the norms and murder is natural as the oceanFind your Soul a Home. Have you seen enemies disguise as friend?And negative the only product that trend,While the voice of the people isn't heardFind your soul a home. You may have seen a broken…
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Darkness never Shine

Flows through with noise but not easy to find,Deep in my heart it lays.Sing my death to life my heart cried.Breath seizes heart bleed the melody of tragedy as I cried outDarkness that never Shine Sting my fear out of me, the song I sing,We all together before creations Begin's, upon me he lays,Beauty I…
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Who sailed the Time.

If you see him tell him we spoke, tell him that whispers echoes more than Tik-Tok.Tell him we spoke about the past leaving the future to itself.Tell him we spent more time by earning it and we earn more time by spending it.We caught up in lines attached to the melodies of our mind thinking…
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