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In Love with The Devil- Episode 15

Nicole’s POV


I woke up at the annoying sound of my alarm, my head was hurting so bad and then I tried to remember what happen yesterday, and my eyes widened ‘I was drunk, oh shit! Bella… I fucking got drunk

I look down at my self and gasped ‘ why I’m I naked?, I can’t remember anything after getting drunk’.

Oh my God, did I do what happens in the movies? Did I sleep with someone?‘ I closed my eyes tightly, shaking my head, trying to remember what happened.

Hey honey are you awake?” I heard a light knock on my door and it was bianca.

Yes come in” I said using my sheets to cover myself up

Are you okay?

I have a little bit of an headache

Yeah that happens

She looked behind me and said “you didn’t eat last night” she walked to a small stool beside my bed and took the plate of food. I can’t even remember how it got there. Bianca! She must have taken my clothes off for me to shower, maybe I didn’t dress up after.

Bryan just left and he said to tell you to report to the office in twenty minutes, don’t worry your food is ready just get ready quickly

Thanks Bianca


You’re welcome darling” I smiled I love it when she calls me that, it makes me feel loved.

I got out of bed and got ready to get shouted at.

I went into the office and Bryan secretary Kate smiled at me and then frowned…

The boss is acting weird but he said you shouldn’t come into his office, he said you should only call him and that you shouldn’t show up at the conference meeting, I will take the schedule instead

I furrowed my eyebrows “okayyy thanks Kate


My pleasure Nicky

What’s up with him?” I asked, but she only shrugged.

The day at work is so boring I just had to stay in my office all day and work, I called Bryan when I needed to talk to him and he was silent throughout out the call, he only made a small sound and it was then I knew he was listening.

I heard him leaving his office and was surprise he didn’t call me to shout on me.

Third person’s POV

Bryan went to Tony’s office but he was told he didn’t show up and so he went to his house.

He entered knowing he doesn’t lock his back door in the afternoon.

He then saw a blonde cooking in the kitchen wearing Tony’s T shirt, she turned around and Bryan was stunned.


Bella?” He asked then he saw Tony came into the kitchen, shirtless but was wearing a sweat pant.


You two know each other?

Yeah!” They said in unison.


We were both in Cham university” Bella said before Bryan could avoid the topic that was about to be talked about.

So you must know Nicole then?” Tony asked her surprised. “Ugh I don’t wanna talklike back in does days’ ” Bryan thought

Yes!!! She’s my bestie, I mean my best friend, I got to see her yesterday after a long time” Bella smiling, Bryan rolled his eyes “how do you know her?

She’s Bryan’s assistant and Bryan’s is my best friend and partner

Nice” Bella said in British accent.

So Bri, wanna join us for breakfast

Bryan could have laughed but his eyebrows ached instead. “It about two o clock in the afternoon”

Bella eyes widened “oh my gosh, I’m gonna miss my flight” she said rushing out of the kitchen.


When she left, Tony gave Bryan a ‘I’m gonna kill you look’. Then he whispered yelled at him “I wanted her to miss the flight

Dude you like the chick?” Bryan burst into laughter and Tony threw chili’s at him. “What the…

I do and you just made her leave till God knows when

Dude are you sick or something? Do you need me to take you to the doc…?” Bryan said placing his hand on the table and leaning forward, were he was already seated.

Ugh I’m perfectly fine dude” tony said cutting him off. “It’s a long story“.

Tony dropped Bella at the airport, and Bryan had the food to himself and was able to watch a Nollywood movie ‘Elevator baby‘ it was very funny and that took his mind off what was bordering him.


Tony came back, freshened up and joined Bryan, he then insisted he started it again, at first Bryan was adamant to watch it till the end but he then grabbed the remote and started it again.

We are entrepreneurs man….” Tony said.

Yeah so” Bryan said, cutting him off so he could focus on the movie.

We are not in the office but watching a movie at home, what is wrong in our lives?, we are not ourselves” Its true, before today they were always at work racking their brains, sweating and getting tired, not ever having time for movies, but Bryan didn’t want to talk about that now.

Yeah….its about to be over let’s just watch the movie first…”

DUDE we need to talk” Tony yelled at him.

Bryan rolled his eyes and said “Awwn I love you babe, can I watch in peace please?” Bryan said in a girls voice and beaming at Tony like a girl would.

No you can’t baby” Tony said, turning off the television frowning.

Oh c’mon babe” Bryan said again, exaggerating his girlish act. Tony bursted into laughter and said


Is that how your babe acts with you” Then it was Bryan’s time to frown, he is going to see Stella the next day.

To tell you the truth, she’s not like that, she’s more of like, a sex addict

Tony raised his eyebrow “really?


Forget about Stella, why did you come in the first place?

I came… I have no idea, I think I was bored” I said not wanting to tell him about Nicole. “Tell me about Bella” it took a while but he did tell him, Bryan pitied him, but love is a curse in his dictionary.

You love her?

I do man, I do but it can’t just happen

I understand” Bryan said, he remembered when he acted rude to Mr Chris, it wasn’t because he was jealous, it was because they shouldn’t have met that day, but he was jealous of the fact that Nicole was excited to see him. ‘I wasn’t jealous ‘ Bryan thought.

Bryan felt guilty for not telling Tony about his problem since he told him his. Then he told him about Nicole and Tony started laughing.

Dude, you’re starting to like the chick aren’t you?” He said between his laughter

No I’m not

Yes you are…



Dude I don’t wanna argue

yes you do” Tony said with a smirk on his face.”Wait I didn’t know she’s living with you

Haven’t I told you?” Bryan asked furrowing his eyebrows.

No you didn’t


But I thought you dropped Nicole off the other day

No it wasn’t your house

Oh really

She probably didn’t want me to know

Maybe” Bryan said shrugging it off.

Bruce called you know, he found your girl



What her name?

Nicole, theeee Nicole we know

What?!!!” No it can’t be her, oh no, why is it Nicole, why not someone else, geez I thought….. that’s why Nicole’s eyes look familiar, it was just like that little girls brown eyes ‘ . Bryan thought.

Then he realized Tony was talking.


Yeah I heard, how did Bruce find her?

He said he didn’t even realize it was your house address until he got there


He said he gave her the parcel you gave him

What? He gave her the parcel?

Chill man, he said he told her it’s confidential and that she should give it to you, he said he thinks it’s best you give it to her yourself

Oh this is getting good” Bryan smiled, rubbing his palm against each other.

What are you planning on doing now Bri?” Tony frowned


Good, so you giving it to her

Not yet



I’m going to give it to her Tony not just today

Tony couldn’t believed he is still hell bent on getting the stupid revenge.

Bryan’s POV


I got down from my car when I heard mom called out,

Bryan, can we talk?” I hate the distance between us but what could I do she’s married to another man. My little brothers were also walking in with her.

Yes of course mom, let’s go in


We were going in when I started smelling smoke in the sitting room it was coming from the kitchen, what happened? ‘ oh my god Nina ‘

That was the first thing that came to my mind but I was already in the kitchen, then I saw Nicole coughing she was standing close to the oven.


Then I ran upstairs to Nina’s room cause the smoke had taking all over the house, but Nina wasn’t there.

I went down back and yelled at Nicole who was already crying and my mom trying to calm her.

Are you out of your mind? What if Nina was at home? How could you be so careless?…

Bryan..” Mom said.

You know Nina is asthmatic and you do this? What the hell was going on in your head? Who the hell wants to eat whatever you made? Who are trying to show off to” I yelled ignoring my moms call and Nicole’s crying.


BRYAN DON’T TALK TO YOUR WIFE LIKE THAT” mom yelled at me and I could hear the twins crying with all the shouting but one thing did register correctly did she say wife.

My wife” I asked, I didn’t know she remembered, fuck, I saw how Nicole head jerk up.

Yes you two are already MARRIED

Stay tuned for episode 16 next week Wednesday.

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