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After parking as close to the entrance of his flat as he could, he came around to her side of the car and picked her up with some difficulty. When he straightened […]


You choose to be pawns and puppets in the hands of him whose primary aim is to snatch your souls from it’s only saving power
to you, you have a sense of purpose
to him, you’re just a system for throwing blows
to you blindness is knowledge but
I pray that God opens the eyes of your understanding

Nothing is Ever Enough; Part 1

A short story centred around a bus ride to Port Harcourt were a young girl expresses sarcasm in her thoughts and towards the commuters happening to be going in the same direction as hers and how abruptly her mission in Port Harcourt came to a sudden conclusion. You will definitely have a laugh and more as you read the subsequent parts.

In Love with The Devil; Episode 4

But I have to find her as soon as possible, it is a huge responsibility and my grandfather made me swear I would give it to her and not use it for my own benefit and some other weird stuff I didn’t understand but now I just don’t want it with me anymore and we only have the picture of a little girl, God!