Everyone buys not knowing what’s being sold
these sellers sell knowing what’s being bought
A trade fair,
where the only currency for exchange is your soul
and power is their only interest
With lies catalysing the supply and demand flow chart,
they turn off the light so you don’t see who’s behind the trademark,
boxing you into market squares
This hegilian dialetic central park
A problem reaction solution scheme
that makes it possible for soul exchange
trading queens for pawns
fall of kings and knights
bishops sent to hide
check mate
They create viruses to sell u vaccines
start wars
to bring you peace in pieces that you cannot decline
terms and conditions apply
They pump and dump pandemic
crumble economies
then build you a market trend where the only seller is them
They widow and orphan stock technology
They tell you, you’ll have control over everything
but don’t tell how they plan to control you with everything
IOT, they say, meaning I own Thee
the internet of things in which you’re a letter of the alphabet
A fix or kill market
A man to micro chip advent
Man’s slavery to it’s own creations,
Man and machine integration,
commodity exchange here and there,
you not aware of what’s at stake!
This institutional investors, government and individuals
keep selling us deceptions,we don’t believe,so we buy more
Now,we are at the witching hour,the end of time,the darkest of days
The preternatural point of intersection between man’s innovation’s and a divine calendar
The transcendental collision of God’s work and artifacts made by men
Cybernetics, biotechnology,
population control, genetic engineering, one world government,new world order
All these fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
mixture of blessings and calamities
yet,just like eve,some of you are still gullible to the same old trick
with the forbidden fruit still stuck on your adams tabular cavity
most of you remain insatiable
ignorant of the times and seasons, blinded by a mist of unbelief
not aware,who the book runner of your desires are
The prince of evil
The man of sin
The son of perdition
whose primary goal is the destruction of souls
but,tell me what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul
when everything I know would go to dust
even the flesh you own
Excuse me,if I desire things worth more than life finest things
Excuse me,if I dare to possess things money can’t buy
Excuse me,if i choose not to play kingpin in economy pyramid
the keys to the kingdom of heaven shall still be my inheritance
If I choose not to top the food chain of life social strata,
I’d still have a table prepared before me in the presence of my enemies
Excuse me,If I hunger and thirst for righteousness sake,
out of my bellies shall flow rivers of living water
It’s divinity over humanity
In this market place of life
it’s your soul for eternity
salvation or damnation
They know what they sold u
but,do you know what you’re buying?
selling you deception with interest
till you owe a debt so steep
you have to sell ur soul
give you lies like water and watch u drink it up till you float
and you’re ready to drown in it
but you don’t have to be the pawn in this game of chess
next time they come around you with their merchandise
tell them to keep what they’re selling
because they’ll find no buyers here
God the highest bidder,
made the Christ,
a legal tender for your soul
you’ve been bought with the highest price
get off the marketplace!

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