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5G And not Covid-19?

“The coronavirus is a false flag and an attack staged by the new world order”. How true is this?

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Many who fear say that coronavirus is a manmade disease used as a camouflage to introduce the 5G nanotech into the human flesh, either in the right hand or forehead. Implying that chipping human beings is the mark of the beast and the end time has finally began. These claims are countered by some who suggest that chipping humans is a more accurate way of enabling tracking and identifying those who have received vaccination, which will eventually help in flattening the curve for good, and fostering health and economic development across boarders. However, many have said it is a lie from the pit of hell. They claim that 5G will be used for mind control when integrated with nanotechnology.

Furthermore, leaders, educationist and many others have said coronavirus is a byproduct of the 5G radiation after the new technology was tested in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus. According to reports a considerable number dropped dead when the 5G was switched on in China.

Social distancing

In addition, social distancing which lead to the isolation of over a billion people have sprung mixed feelings into many theories and opinions. One of which insinuates that social distancing was an opportunity to lay 5G fibres.

Another argument which also caught my attention is the idea that Covid-19 vaccines are expected to champion population reduction, a major basis for success in Africa by many international philanthropist. They believe that to foster growth in Africa its population size must be reduced significantly. Therefore, it is claimed that under the guise of “sustainability” and “population control,” the NWO and WHO plans to force vaccines on tens of thousands of people, who will eventually die through either paralysis or become sterile.

This knowledge alone has brought panic to Nigerians and other neighbouring countries. People are convinced that any vaccines coming into Nigeria is meant to kill as many people as possible. A plot in which the Nigerian government is aware of. At this point is it okay to write that mentally, it has all become draining. A lot of people to a high degree do not trust the government and the doctors anymore. The fear of isolation centres have become worse than the disease itself. I once read a caption were the individual said he would rather die at home than to be admitted for doctors to inject him with the vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine Introductions

Bill Gate seems to be at the centre of this crisis. He is one of those heavily criticised due to his push on vaccine implementation. However, Bill says the conference in which he spoke about the virus was not aimed specifically at coronavirus, but was a call for preparedness from the government to fight future widespread viruses, such as the Covid-19, with a fewer death count.

He went on to say leaders acted late by trying to figure out coronavirus after it had reached an inevitable peak. Therefore, making mistakes in a battle that could have been averted or won in no time. To Bill, if it were to be an armed war, top governments were prepared to take it on and be victorious in a short moment. But this is not the case for the war on human health. Once again, he believes his suggestions so far are for readiness, proposing brilliant methods such as compulsory vaccines to governments, so as to possess the capacity to fight and win another pandemic that is waiting to happen, to threaten the human race yet again.

Yessin Blogletter

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