The Dwarf called Society

A lot of us dream of wealth and so many other material possessions, but have we sat down to think and want, of a truest kind of image. Image they say is identity, the reason for a man. However, knowing that the society has us in between its fingers, how do one then freely give in to his deepest core of becoming that which he truly is, desires. Due to the lasting bond with the dwarf, many have perished in graveyards without having a chance to live, to speak and to choose. Believe it or not, most images which were supposed to give an insight on experience, knowledge and psychology are falsely revealed, due to the un-acceptance of truthfulness by all societies.

YESSIN blogletter

The longer your hair
The longer your nails
The higher your heels
The darker your knuckles
The longer your faux lashes
The less people will take you seriously.

The longer your skirt
The lesser your makeup
The cleaner your skin
The whiter your teeth
The loser your cloths
The bigger the titles
The more people will respect you.

This is the height of the society
I did not build or make the rules.

When you are married
Society regards you.
When you are single
Society says you are unhappy.
If you are a single parent
Society attacks you.
If you become bigger after pregnancy
Society says it is your fault.
Above 30, not married and without child
Something must be wrong with you.

Noting is wrong with you.
Happiness is most important.

A few attain significance.

If you are gay
Society jails you mentally.
If you are uneducated
Society mocks your opinions.
If you are poor
Society says you are lazy.
If short, tall, dark, light, slim, fat…..
Society must speak, judging from its gutters.

Peace of mind is gold not silver.
These are merely societal discomforts.
Barriers meant to make us shrink.

Look a certain way for labelling
Act a certain script for recognition
Follow a certain path for attainments
Speak with certain tones after achievements
Think in proportions within the environment.

Society puts our goals in its hands
To relinquish our freedom of choice
Suffocate the ideas not in its blueprint
Never to dream across its boarders.

Entangled in Society’s Limitations

I will say you should break free, letting your true image shine, but it is solely up to you to choose your path- what best suits you. However, there will be either consequences or praises. All I can advise in this new world, after the quarantine, is that whatever visible impression intervention one decide’s to pursue, the identity you are hoping to portray and achieve, must be in line with your truest self to live free, and not the limitations or achievements foisted by the society on the unsuspecting public.

X pj.

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