In Love with the Devil; Episode 8

S: Be honest, Be honest, You want this, You want this, If I could be honest regardless of my conscience -Be honest_ Jorga smith ft Burna boy

Nicole’s POV


Diane, the receptionist said to me that morning while taking her coffee.


Don’t you think the boss is different with you?

I choked my coffee down “hmm… I… Really? I don’t know” I shrugged.

Oh c’mon, don’t tell me you didn’t notice.” I really didn’t notice, how could I have? Once he’s around all I notice is him. Only Bryan, his smile, so beautiful it brightens up my day even if he yells at me all the time, his eyes always in mine, sometimes I think I’ve seen those eyes before, so gorgeous. I wish I could tell him how he’s eyes makes me feel ones he laid them on me. It makes me shiver with burning desire, I knew he was checking me out on my first day at work and I felt embarrassed I was wearing those stupid clothes and when he laid it on me when we were going for a jog then I felt sexy. I’m not just attracted to him, I’m intrigued by him. His tallness, I use to say I’m tall but ones his close, I’m looking up at a mountain. Oh Bryan your lips, if only I could touch it, feel it, taste it. The way he talks with his deep voice, the way he walks, moves his body. All of it, it drives me crazy.

Then I felt someone shaking my body.

Wake up from you dreamworld girlie!” Diane said. Then I realised I was actually smiling. Oh Bryan don’t do this to me, please don’t.

Sorry… Were you saying something?” I asked tucking my hair behind my ear.


Yes I was, where exactly did you travel to…” She gasped “were you thinking about the boss Nicky?…tell me were you?” She asked raising her eyebrows twice and smiling at me.

Er…what…no…the boss…no way girlfriend, I was thinking about so…something else” I said chuckling in between nervously. Oh the gossip must not spread around. No, no, no.

Diane smile faded away.

Whatever, well all I was saying was that the boss is always so cheerful, and he even jokes around with us and he doesn’t embarrass us in front of anybody but you, ah he even embarrassed you in front of his partners and investors, weird” she said. I know that but I don’t care, I’m here on a mission and ones I’m done. Well maybe I’m gonna forget all about Bryan. If I’d known it was the Bryan I knew in the first place, I would have help without thinking. Not knowing it was the Bryan I knew I kept thinking about it before applying for a job here.

Hmm” I said taking a sip of my coffee.

You know why I like you, you’re somewhat like the other employees here, not too proud, friendly, beautiful, sty…” She looked at me and stopped. I knew what she wanted to say, but I’m not stylish, not in any way.

I’m sorry…I didn’t mean…

No it okay, you can continue

Er..and you actually thanked me on your first day. The girl who came before you didn’t, she was wearing a heavy make up, tight short…oh girl really short skirt… I’m not saying she can’t wear it but the boss only wants someone who doesn’t expose her body” oh so that’s why her head jerked up the other day and yeah she talks a lot.

Who knows maybe that’s why she was fired immediately


No she wasn’t fired, it was a mistake. Bryan wanted Nicole from the beginning.” Kate said while coming in, startling us.

Before you say anything Diane I wasn’t eavesdropping on your conversation ya

And with that Kate stopped Diane from saying anything.

Wait he wanted me.” I said

Third persons POV

Tony walked out of the elevator, he looked up from his phone seeing Nicole walking to her office. Nicole wasn’t his type but he doesn’t know why he’s attracted to her.

He likes how she works, talk, behave, he wants to get friendly with her, its not that he likes her, he’s just a little bit attracted to her.

Hey” Nicole turned to look at him.

Tony is also Bryan’s partner and also his close friend‘. Nicole thought. Maybe she should get to know him and get what she wants from him.

Hello sir

How are you doing?

I’m fine sir

What’s with the formalities you can call me Tony” he said while walking towards her.

But why?” Nicole asked confused. Big business man like him don’t say that to a girl like her.


I don’t know, maybe because from now on we can be friends” he said pouting.

Friends huh, what exactly do you want from me Tony‘ Nicole thought.

So friends?” Tony asked extending his hand towards her.

Yeah” accepting his handshake.

So free tonight?, my house” he said sliding his hand into his pocket.

Wait what his house?, is that how girls are asked out now?

Play hard to get baby or maybe he isn’t asking me out, he just wants to be friends with me that all. But still, ugh just play the damn hard-to-get.

Nicole kept on thinking.

Hey what do you say?” Tony asked. He had no idea why he mentioned his house, maybe he doesn’t want to be seen with her so people or the paparazzi wouldn’t jump into conclusions, and what came out of his mouth was his house. Ugh.

It’s not what you’re thinking Nicole, just to get to know you“. Tony said smiling nervously.

How would you know what I’m thinking.

Wait stupid! don’t play hard to get, you need to get into his house.

Nicole thought

Uhm, yeah…okay

Yeah?” it was a question from Tony, with her silence he thought she was actually going to play hard to get.

Yes I’m free tonight

Okay then I will pick you up from work, I mean since you work late


Right, see you


I need to call Larry, he has to help me now more than ever.

Tony went into Bryan’s office.

Bryan sat on his chair turning his back at the door, looking out at the city. Who do you think he’s thinking about?.


You guessed right ‘Nicole‘.

Bryan didn’t even realise tony was in his office. Tony walked towards Bryan, he taped his shoulder and Bryan got startled, he turned around and asked.

When did you get here?“.

A minute ago” Tony said. “What has got you thinking huh? You didn’t even realize I was here.” He sat down on the chair opposite Bryan and leaned back.

What are you doing to me Nicole? I need to get you out of my head or else I won’t be able to exact my revenge on you.

Nothing, only business issues

Hmm, talking about business, we have to go to New York to check on the hotel construction

Okay, how many days will that take” Bryan said turning back to the laptop.

Two days, you know, you should have a little break from work and have fun” Tony said raising his eyebrows twice.

Bryan smiled, with Tony fun equals women “yeah maybe we play golf or may be football or walk…” He teased

Dude, dude, dude say what now, ah golf, are you kidding me?” Tony said acting surprised and leaning forward.


I meant chicks, sweet hot beautiful chicks, it’s been a while since you got laid!” he said with a smirk on his face.

Astounded Bryan asked “ah when was the last time you got laid?

Uhmmm that should be… This morning

Bryan chuckled, then he remembered something “hey any lead on the investigation?

Oh yeah Bruce said he found out were she lives but turns out she moved but he’s going to ask around her place again and find out were she lives now

Arrgh whats all the mystery about this girl, it’s like she knows we are tracking her down and she just keeps running away” raising his hands in the air and hitting on the table.

I understand how you feel, but don’t worry Bruce we will definitely find out where she stays now


You should tell Nicole she won’t be coming so she’s in charge for two days

Tony! You don’t have to tell me that” I yelled at him unknowingly.

Okayyyy chill out man, arrgh it’s so annoying when you get that way once her name is mentioned, she so nice, so active, I mean she doesn’t seem to be anything you said about her.

If you going to keep praising her, I’m afraid you’d have to get out of my office.” Tony was astounded, even Bryan realized what he said and regretted it. He wanted to apologize but Tony stopped him.

You know what I’m leaving

To… Tony I’m sorry man I didn’t mean…

No Bryan I was leaving anyway” with that Tony left slamming the door angrily behind him.

Darn it, damn you Nicole

Larry please you need to help me with this“. Nicole said to Larry as they sat in a restaurant near Nicole’s office, Nicole was on break.

Are you mad? You want me to break into a business man office, don’t you know there are always camera’s around and I could go to jail.

Your friend Mia can help you with that, I mean she working there right? She can help, please Larry.


Why do you want to help your boss so bad, you were not going to do this before…

Yes but I didn’t know it was the Bryan I knew

Point of correction your long lost crush

Larry will you help me or not?” Nicole snorted.

I will, but tell me something


Are you falling in love with your boss?

What, what… no… no, I’m not in love with the devil, no

Is that true, I don’t even understand what I feel for him, this would be the second time someone asked me about him today. Nicole thought.

The devil ha!” Larry laughed. “That’s his nickname” Larry continued laughing. “Be sure I’ll always call him that from now on

But seriously you don’t need to go through with all this, you can just tell ‘the devil’ that someone is trying to scam him and it is a partner that is very close to him and sent by your fucking rich stepfather

Nicole rolls her eyes after hearing him call Bryan the devil “Arrgh Larry, you think he would believe me without any evidence and worse he hates me for some reason I do not know

When you search his house and I search his office and we don’t find anything, I’m not in this with you anymore

Oh c’mon, please I need your journalism skills, please, pretty please” she said with puppy eyes

No, no don’t, not that puppy eyes of yours, ugh” he said using his hands to cover his face.


Ugh okay, okay

Thanks bestie that’s why I love you

Yeah, yeah but promise me that once you’re done with this you’ll go after your dreams” Larry said pointing a finger on her nose.

“Yes I’ll, I really have to” Nicole said smiling and hitting his finger.

Ouch” he acted like he was in pain and they both laughed at that.

I’m also going after my dreams you know, I’m going to take your advice“.

Oh my god, I feel like crying” she says covering her nose with her hands. “That’s such a great idea I mean, we could even work together you know, fashion designer and a cobbler works for me” she continued reaching for his hand.

Yeah” Larry said with a grin on his face. Then Nicole’s phone starts ringing, it was Kath calling.

Nicole where are you? The boss is freaking out, says that you must report to his office now, I lied that you went to get coffee, Nicole please don’t get me fired, come quickly“.

Okay I’m coming now” then she hangs up.

Larry sorry I’ve got to go, duty calls, I’ll call you later“.


You called for me sir” Nicole said after coming in, the frown on Bryan face clearly state that he was in a bad mood. He was standing beside his desk with his hands in his pocket.

Where were you?

I was having coffee sir” I lied

I’m going on a trip for two days, you will be in charge of the company” Bryan turning his head away.

In charge but how?

You can’t do it?

No but…

Arrghhh Nicole your buts are too much” he said.


Shut up Nicole” he said pulling her towards him and using his hand to cover her mouth.


He removed his hand, his temper was reducing gradually. After staring at her for what looks like five minutes, Bryan couldn’t help but stroke her cheeks with his fingers. What was he doing, he didn’t know. But he couldn’t, he couldn’t resist her charms. He wanted to pull her body close to his, he wanted to feel her warmth, he wanted to place his nose on hers and smell her vanilla scent comfortably, he wanted to run his nose from her nose to her ear and down to her neck then up to her lips, he wanted to feel a burning sensation that would tempt him to place his lips on hers, he wanted to moan at the sweet strawberry taste of her lip gloss, he wanted to run his hand down to her waist, he wanted her to kiss him back, he wanted her to run her hand up to his neck, he wanted to shiver as she touched him. He deepened the kiss and loved the way she moaned at that.

Wait his he really doing this?


He opened his eyes and realized he was actually doing what he thought he was imagining.


He loved it.

Stay tuned for Episode 9 next week Wednesday.



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