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2Cent with JESS; 5G and not Covid-19?

5G is as though a mini god, an upgraded Artificial Intelligence expected to control commerce, finance and livelihoods,” says many in isolation. Is this true? Is coronavirus a conspiracy to usher us into a new world without worldwide unrest? I am going to proffer my opinions on “5G and not Covid-19?” a sensitive topic that was published on Wednesday. Also, there are questions and mentions on why I have decided to think this way.

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I totally understand the current panic during these uncertain times, as I too have had my fair share of anxiety. The 5G radiation is at least twelve times more than that of the microwave. Such that when in direct contact with humans for a certain amount of time, it can drain and finish off living cells in the body. Hence, it will cause many deaths and harm more children than adults, since their skulls are not strong enough to shield off the emission of electromagnetic waves. With this much havoc, why then do a group of billionaires, philanthropist and political leaders think it is okay for it to be introduced to the public, is what baffles me. I see minimal reasons why it should be considered or even introduced as a way to make life swifter. Although the benefits are enormous, but is it worth it in the long run? What are we individually sacrificing for higher technology? However, 5G is not new. It has since been used in the military and it’s consequences are aware to senior officials in government.

Even though the consequences of 5G are obvious and direct, I do not think coronavirus is a byproduct of the effects of radiation. The virus and radiation may have similar symptoms on the human body, but scientifically, coronavirus cannot be a consequence of radiation due to its mutation and ability to progress from human to human. With concerns to the ideology of it being an artificial plague, I am yet to conclude for there is more to this than meets the eye. The whole situation is very puzzling.

Fear of the Virus

With regard to the virus itself, it has so far elicited the fear response to relief solutions such as vaccine implementation. Even if the vaccine is said to protect and usher millions back into a new world of 5G filled with more opportunities in commerce, self awareness, working smart and strengthening families, a mental damage has already been done.

Fact or fiction, the idea to leverage vaccine administration with digital identity numbers does sound similar to “the bell of horror,” “a cry from hell”. Firstly, it signals lose of freedom; the removal of civil liabilities. According to reports, 5G will work with installed intelligent cameras at strategic corners in public areas for individual identification and more. Knowing that 5G will not only be subjected to a device, such as the way 4G was integrated into smart phones, voice, facial recognition and more will allow 5G to impede into personal lives. Hence, an attack on privacy were liberty will be finally lost. Also, personal informations will be sold in great extent for financial and political gains, and other reasons that will hinder choice. And when there are no civil responsibilities, such a thing as democracy will be abolished, while subjugation and public obedience will spring forth.

Secondly, getting to face our unprepared faiths. If truly it was the end time and the beast was on his way; a world where you cannot buy or sell without the mark of the antichrist, will you give up christ and take the one world chip. This was the genuine panic around the world. I panicked for my glaring betrayal for the first time in my existence. Then I said, Jesus you know I cannot be alive when such a humongous test is presented for all to partake. I looked around me, my son and knew I was going to fail and this made be sick in my stomach. This realisation was evident in the hearts of millions, so we feared even more of sudden condemnation.

Coronavirus and the economy

Aside from the upsides being sold to the masses, the government have created a sense of panic and urgency around a disease that have killed fewer people when compared to malaria, typhoid, hunger and others alike over the years. Is it in view of the fact that coronavirus it greatly affecting the economy, making the wealthy less rich? I do not believe the imperativeness is particularly directed at rescuing lives. I am of the opinion that it is aimed at getting people back to work as soon as possible, in order to continue the circulation of wealth mostly amongst the rich. Otherwise, malaria and other causes of millions of deaths over the years, especially in Africa, would have been given this much attention if truly, governments are concerned about mortality rates.

With reference to the claim that social distancing measures was an opportunity to lay fibres; high-speed fiberoptic broadband, I be under the impression that the promptness to execute left people in confusion and this is why many had similar feelings of being tricked. To isolate people in order to perpetrate a vision is certainly a criminal development against humanity. Therefore, I however think the scarcity of people was identified as an opportunity to hasten the introduction of 5G, as the cables were still going to be laid anyway into cities by telecommunication giants across the world.

Trade wars.

In another instance, suggestions which allude Artificial Intelligence as the antichrist could also be a propaganda, since the USA are not on the forefront of this technology. I hear the dispute between China and the USA is about who is going to control or lead 5G, and President Trump is not having it. Data as we know it is the real currency in this generation, and China leading the vanguard of 5G technology could be the reason why there are so many adverse reaction. This brings me again to one of my many questions, if 5G was officially launched by the USA, will it be this much criticised worldwide?

One thing I am certain of is that 5G is not the birth of the anti-christ. The events leading to his coming are not in line with what is playing out so far with the virus. The Bible says the people will long for him after so much suffering, as the Messiah to deliver them and restore life, hope and humanity. On the other hand, I am still alive, many righteous people still walk the earth, those who live by God’s promises, so this cannot be the time, how will we cope. I can tell you that the majority would have departed before the emergence of the anti-Christ, and those who are yet to repent will witness such hardship before turning to Christ in those times. This is my opinion.

To conclude, we most often assume mentally draining happenings as conspiracy theories, but we must question everything at the same time and from both sides of the spectrum. Make it a duty to delve further into sensitive matters and allow the fear from the news subside first before taking actions. Also, when you see things with your eyes that is the opposite of what is being reported on mainstream media, document, research and share it to the world through private media platforms. Nevertheless, shrink away from any news without solid analysis and refrain from spreading fake news, as it will eventually consume the human race with fear if not widely cautioned.

Stay safe.
Stay home.
Stay healthy.
Stay praying.
X pj

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