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Happy BabyMama Day

BabyMama Day is 2years

“It is not a thing of shame to carry the burden meant for two people, but a thing of pride and that as a human being, A FEMALE, you have the RIGHT TO DECIDE when an unplanned situation threatens your dreams.” X pj


Jecinta Powell Foundation and Yessinblog presents “BabyMama Day” A  movement meant to reward RESILIENCE and encourage the RIGHT-TO-DECIDE, the RIGHT-TO-CHOOSE, as a female adult or adolescent.


Baby’Mama’s are strong girls and therefore needs to be celebrated. For this reason, I declare that all BabyMama’s would be celebrated on the 19|DEC. BabyMama Day! (Hopefully it officially gets SIGNED into law)

December 19th, which is the 353rd day of the year (354th in leap years) would reflect the many days of Teaching, Cleaning, Feeding, School-runs, Listening, Planning, Providing, Exhaustion and Panics experienced by just one parent. Hence, the ability for a parent to promote and support the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.


On this day, BabyMamas, Widows, and Divorcees (A single parent) are to celebrate their remarkable efforts in child rearing during the course of each year. 


“What is life without being able to choose for oneself, when we carry our own cross regardless” -Powell Jecinta


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Happy BabyMama Day

X pj

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