When are you successful?

0A2E7A14-EB85-42EA-A865-2A96470AFF54“When i buy a new car, people will know I have arrived. I will be known as successful. Success will be my surname. For they will know I have been lifted from grass to grace. You can then refer to me as YM the baddest” says a young man.

But I say, “If you think being successful is when you get a certain job, buy a new car, rent a bigger house, acquire a masters degree, get married, have children and so on, then you are poor in this moment and will still remain poor in the future, because the future will also be a moment where you also want to be successful.

Moreover, success is not what is seen, it is in the heart. Hence, It is in the mind- the faculty of your thoughts and consciousness, a communication and control system between you and your environment, and not in that new car that would have no or less physical and emotional value with time.


And I will say this again, “Try to understand that the future alone should not determine your levels of success. For every moment, past, present and future  is supposed to be successful- a chain of successes.”

Got it?

X pj

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