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New Business alert: A Delivery Man on Legs
Have you thought of delivering parcels without owning a motorbike or car? You can become a delivery man or woman without a motorbike. It can be a weekend or day job.

The world is evolving faster than you think and if you do not get involved now, it may soon be too late. Seeing that a lot of people now shop online, logistics business -the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers is on the rise, yet demand is more than supply.
Become a delivery man on legs
*Use already existing resources-Phone| Backpack | Legs| Determination
How to apply
Register with a vendor near you as a delivery man. Take parcels to deliver around your vicinity or you can explore the city if you decide to venture on a long trip. Oftentimes, buying customers include delivery fees, so you are sure of getting paid. Even if the payment is yet to be made, you will definitely get your money at the time of collection.

It cost between N1,000 to N3,000 for each delivery. Rather than seating at home on the weekends doing nothing, imagine how much you could earn if you can deliver five to ten parcels daily. Sometimes, the customer can also pay you to return items or for some other reason. This would help reshape your mind from wishful thinking. The future starts to look better, the possibility to plan further is promising.

How to transport yourself.
Take a bike or a bus and then walk to the location if necessary. If you have a smart phone download google map to find the place with ease or call the recipient when confused.
I know this is not new, but I am throwing it out here for more people to jump on it. Good luck. I am not aiming for an applause, I just want to be of help.
What do you think? What does he think? What does she think? Quick!
PS: Try not to think of the negative part alone. Uber didn’t seem to make sense at first. #makemoneyinsteadofcomplaining.
Have any questions? Comment below.


DBIZDOC will from time to time present feasible and sustainable business ideas for entrepreneurs or workers to venture into without much capital. The articles will particularly help people realize how to get paid through easier means. Therefore, if you are struggling with what or on how to make money with fewer resources, this is for you. Do not miss it!

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