A Woman; Slave to the World

A woman; slave to the world

If she is beautiful,
She sure cannot cook.
Ugly young lady,
No one will look at her.
When good in bed,
She is too experienced.
When naive to “bedmatics”
She is a learner, not enough.
If she is always on her phone,
She must be cheating.
When she has a lot of following,
She is too exposed.
***A fancy dirty dish***

When she is raped,
It must be her fault.
When she wears revealing cloths,
She has to be a prostitute.
If she does not go to church
She must be the devil.
If she goes to church,
She must be looking for a husband.
***A witch beneath a white veil***

If she is not yet married
Relatives starts to count her age,
Men see their next prey.
When she is seen publicly with a man,
She has to be sleeping around.
When she takes pictures in a hotel room,
She is definitely sleeping with married men.
***A good-for-nothing hustler***


When she bears a child out of wedlock,
Who is the father? he asks, while they say,
She must be desperate for marriage.
When she births a baby in the marriage,
will her husband be a father again?.
And when the howling cry of a baby
is yet to be heard in his house,
She must have tampered with her womb.
She becomes a disgrace to both families.
She is no longer their proud child.
***A mistake of a seed***

Attains a higher education,
She cannot be submissive.
Pursues a demanding career,
She is now too ambitious.
Enjoys social gatherings more often,
Labeled as promiscuous and unproductive.
Bold, courageous and outspoken,
She is not fit to be a wife.
When she fights for equality,
They say she must be mad.
***A call to end Feminism***


When she leaves her husband,
She must have been the problem.
If she decides to be single,
Distressed lady on the streets.
Now in a relationship,
She will not last long.
If she is dating a poor man,
She has lost her shine.
Dating a wealthy man,
She is too greedy.
If he is much older than her,
She is indeed a thief.
Much younger than her,
Another shameless cougar.
***A blind gambler at dawn***

When she becomes rich,
It becomes a concern,
A thing of envy.
A plot to ruin.
When she was poor,
It was a concern too,
A thing of shame.
A coin for the beggar.
***A merchant of misfortune***

After barely surviving,
She still fears the unknown.
What will her master say next.
***Women, slave to the world***

I Salute.

X pj

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