2019 Nigerian general elections; Important Do’s and Don’ts


With the 2019 Presidential and National Assemble elections few days away, we must take somethings to mind. Below are 5 careful considerations meant (For those not hired to anchor the elections) to ensure self-preparedness and sensitivity towards strangers meant to make you think twice about your behaviour before, during and after the general elections slated this Saturday, 16th of February 2019.

Please forward this to your loved ones.

Increase Security

Apply strong measures meant to protect your home, properties and surroundings, and postponed all travel. Before the voting exercise make sure to have enough food and all other necessity at your disposal. On the day of the general elections do not wear fancy garments, expensive jewellery or drive exotic cars to your polling stations. If possible walk there in cozy cloths with a person or two and walk back home with as many new friends.


I hear that security personnel attached to businessmen, politician and others will be redrawn, so as to beef up security during the elections. Seeing that The Inspector General of Police intends to add weight, strength and power to the police force with robust and elaborate security arrangements that will ensure a hitch-free election, one is expected to behave exceptional well during this time. Please have this in mind and behave accordingly, if you do not want to be handcuffed behind a police van, detained for questioning in a police station or thrown in a cell awaiting judgement.

Vote Peacefully

Voting is a right that must be exercised, but I beg that we do it without disturbance. My people, if you are an advocate for a better Nigeria, come out to the polls in your millions and vote your preferred choice. We must learn to concern ourselves with the problems of our country and must understand the power of a united voice. Therefore, during the voting exercise, follow all electoral rules and instructions at the polling stations with patience and consideration for other people’s needs. If possible, be the person who allow’s someone else to jump the queue or a person who settles an intended dispute if that were to be the case or any other instance, so as not to trigger any sort of confrontation at the polling stations.


Most Nigerians are not pleased with the previous and current government, and angry with the process. Hence, this could spark an unnecessary feud at the polls. If possible get there on time and leave the premises before dark if you have no intentions of waiting for the results. Also, considering that the polling places will be in schools, churches, community centres or other central public places, please be mindful of the properties. Do not tamper or destroy anything belonging to these buildings and locations.

Note: The act of giving or registering a vote limits the ability to successfully rig elections. Hence, if you, I and the other person come out to vote, we would definitely have free votes and fair results. FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS

Remain in your Vicinity


After voting, do not be seen in any place which looks suspicious and refrain from applying unfamiliar routes. If possible remain in your neighbourhood or better still stay in your home with your loved ones, and make sure to account for the whereabouts of your immediate family members and close friends. This is not the time to visit friends or attend parties. Stay at a place and remain vigilant. In addition, make sure close friends and relatives know where you are and how to reach you.

Listen to the News


To think that at the slightest pressure the nation might just collapse since it is at a fragile state, Nigerians residing here and others in diaspora have become extremely concerned of what the outcomes of the elections will provoke. Therefore, while at home listen to the news, especially breaking announcements and read reports, mainly important trending stories. Pay less attention to gossip platforms and more attention to credible media channels that present “real news”, so that if in case of a growing disorder, you will be precise on your next move.

Shun Violence


Persistently avoid involving in any behaviour or physically force intended to hurt, damage, destroy or kill somebody or something. Violence of any kind before and after the electoral process must be ignored, rejected or stopped. If you die in the process, of what gain is it to you, your family or the country. Stay alive to witness a better Nigeria, however do not live to be found guilty of murder or aiding and abetting crimes perpetrated during the elections.

For the above reasons and many others, if complete disorder and confusion arises, do not participate or encourage anyone to take part, instead look for possible ways to lecture and calm concerned and troubled people within your reach. If you have the privilege to also speak to the masses, it should not be founded on selfish reasons, because what you would say at this point will be very crucial to our future as a people.

There is only so much we can do, but you can still do your best.
Good luck and Be safe.

X pj


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