A Faceless LOVE; Happy Valentine’s Day


The maker of Dreams, The opener of Hearts, Giver of undiluted Pleasure,
Blinder of Sights, Renewer of Time and Catcher of Souls
was what I had called when “The Genius” answered in an unfamiliar language.

The feeling of affection I had summoned was not the type I was familiar with, so in my fear, I thought day and night every evil of it. Yet, I was moved to understand it better, so I searched and pondered, so as to understand what was in front of me!

Whoever said that there was a thing called LOVE, please what does it look like when it shows up.
Has anyone seen it before?, What is it?, How do I know it is what it is? and Who said it was this or that?


I know that Love is soft, but yet untouchable.
I still cannot hear it, but I understand that Love is patient.
It definitely smells good like an enchanting scent,
Feels warm and squeaky, and tastes like a meal for the gods,
But it’s form is yet a mystery I still cannot identify.

I know an animal when I see one, but I do not know of this thing when I see it. I hear it is as though a thief in the night or a flashlight navigating a pathless jungle in the dark. The red-hearted emoji, red roses, red ribbons, red bottoms, red sultry lingerie and red lipsticks are a mimic of its resemblance. Unworthy representation of its image and imitations used to pass a message of its perception.  Love is neither a gift of cars, houses, jewels or marriages, but a special gift from God, which shines in all of its glory. A gift that is not different from life itself.
It Is Life and Life Is It!


Some say it is no respecter of age, race or gender, a religion to die for and a thing which conquers anything, even oneself. Satisfying every man’s need, it is however not in the company of greed and to acquire it, love must be bounded by the blood of ones heart. Those who truly know of it as they say are not known of this world, since love has a power capable of suppressing a material world. When a person finds it, he leaves the world behind and his dwelling becomes secured in the clouds.

Others say, while shadowing eternity, LOVE is true and never tells a lie. It’s promises are locked and buried in the far depths of the sea to never be broken and when it fights trials and tribulations, Love always comes out victorious with an everlasting smile.


Then why can’t I recognize it!” I asked the master, who says not everyone is expected to witness its true form. It’s powers are superior than breath, sees farther than a wizard’s eye, clever than a sound mind, more powerful than technology and greater than any force on and above earth. The absolute reason why the world still stands.

LOVE can only find you, if you have a safe dwelling place in your heart for it to occupy. “Forever and Always” is what the master calls it, instead of “I Love You”, for it waits in eternity. He also said that it is either you choose “Love” or “Hate”, as they are made from the same feelings. Strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction, and strong feeling of detest and revenge are born from one and the same heart.


Nevertheless, I still do not know what is happening to me, but I will leave the door to my heart opened just Incase it finds me or has already found me.


Happy Valentine’s Day


I hope you like my written gift for you  on  Valentines Day. Sending all the love your way. Kisses

X pj

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