Paradise: Who gave us this Garden.


An ultimate abode with a million scents, gorgeous animals, green skies, a sky full of stars, stars near our reach and the richest of lands. Where the land speaks and the oak tree extends it branches, and where no one is graded by their possession, privileges or power, as everyone is equal.

Forever awakening in a place of comfort, we wash our bodies with scented oils and drink from the fountains of life, which renews our soul and refreshes our mind to think in-between light years. In here, we speak different languages and intercede for our neighbours if they were to be judged.

Where am I?

So wonderful is our garden, we do not plant to eat tomorrow.

Seeing that our land is not cursed, every now and then we plant seeds underneath the grass, which germinate in seconds and we eat from them as we desire. And when the harvest is overflowing, we send them down to earth. We also water the earth, releasing hope through dreams and unseeable armies when there is chaos. We have pity on them for they do not know what it is like to be in paradise.

Who made this so?

Our hearts so pure, it lights up the path.
Our hearts so full, it overflows with the greatest of love.
Our hearts so consumed, it beats to exceptional happiness and delight.

Who gave us this beauty?

My talking cups runneth over as I watch the marvellous vista from my balcony. Have you seen the ever-changing colours of the leaves, smiling clouds and pleasant weather conditions, beautiful at dawn and peaceful in darkness. As usual, the birds are always here to sing to me or make known the traveller approaching my dwelling.

This is paradise!

In the morning, we wake up with mouths filled with power and tongues which bring good tidings and at night the cold breeze embraces our children while they sleep. Child birth is as though a loud sneeze and this has allowed my 24th child. My lover with whom I am well pleased, comes in a flying chariot every now and then to kiss the dryness off my lips. While brushing my long hair into a bun he makes sure to tell me of his adventures and victories. Stories that my heart is always longing to hear as he chats with ease and since he is always in my heart, he never leaves.

Was love made here in paradise?

To show gratitude whenever our creator comes, we gladden in his presence with shout of joy and music of praise. He has served us well and kept all his promises.


X pj

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