written series

The Unhappy Wife; The Child (Season 1, Episode 3)


Samantha tries calling Lucia’s phone again but it kept ringing without her voice on the other end. It was only normal for her to leave messages on her phone in order to enquire her whereabouts, even though she would normally not go an extra mile. Lucia was gone again before she had woken up. Last night, she had slept on the living room couch after Lucia never showed up for dinner.

The Unhappy Wife was all set to leave for school after her last sip of freshly brewed green tea. She walks quickly to her car after she had locked the front door and on getting to her Lexus, she sees Paul waving at her from across her home.
Sheepishly smiling, he yells “Hello Samantha”,
“Hello Paul” Samantha murmurs with her face down.
She didn’t like having him in her sight, as there was something creepy about him and he was such a noisy neighbour. She swings the Lexus door open and into the front seat, then drives off into the highway, making sure to look away from him..


Lucia’s wife is an elementary school teacher who had only been in this job for six months now after several attempts over a two-year period. Even though many schools had refused her application due to her marital status, she never stopped taking her resume from one school to the other, until the day that acceptance phone call came through. Lucia had told her to quit being a mockery to herself, since no one will employ a childless fat lesbian. With a grin on her face as she drives off to work, the words play in her thoughts and she would sometimes wonder why Lucia would call her fat. A 5.11ft size 10 Samantha was all sort of gorgeousness.


On getting to her class there was a new student seating behind the class. The child was frail, looked as though he hadn’t eaten in months. Samantha could not get her eyes off him as he looked the epitome of plain-looking and curiosity, but in the midst of her confession he seemed familiar. She somewhat had an unexplainable connection to this child.

After the class was over, she was left behind her desk searching for some papers as the children walked out in pairs. “Bye mum” was what got her attention. Samantha lifts her head in surprise to the little boy as he stood there waiting for a response and when she couldn’t respond, he hurriedly runs off. It was what she heard that left her dumbfounded and in her seat. By the time Samantha realised what had happened, she dashed for the door and into the corridor, but she met an empty walkway.


For the little boy to have called her “mum” scared the daylight out of her. She had no child of her own and neither did she have any relative in the small city. “Who’s child is he” she wondered, nervously peeping out of the classroom window to see if she could get another glance at him and when she couldn’t find him amongst other student, she returns back at her desk, pulls out the bottom drawer and brings out a medium green file. Twenty minutes down the clock, she was still seeking through the student’s file and when she was done looking she did not see his file.
“How is this possible” was what she thought.

She was back again in that doubtful state of mind. Her mind had began to play tricks on her as she thought so hard of every detail. What he was doing during the times their eyes met, what shoes he had on, the colour of his eyes, the smirk on his face and the way he quickly packed his bags after class.


There was definitely something about him which made her feel a twitch of annoyance. Once again, she felt pierced in the heart, dejected and lonely, as she seats confused on her chair with her two hands on her chin. The elementary school was her happy place and she was not ready to allow anything or anyone make her feel as though she was at home. After a brief moment of reflection, she decides to pack up for day, hoping she will get to the bottom of this confusion by tomorrow.

Unknown to her, Samantha’s soul had birthed a monstrous child from all the sorrow and pain she exuded from her heart and the abuse and suffering her home was built on.

X pj

To be continued next week friday….(Season1, Episode 4)


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