The Boy in search of Santa


Two christmas gone and I never got my red boxes.
Most especially we didn’t have that chat.
I do not know if he finally dyed his wig,
Lost his belly-fat or married Mary Jane.
DING DONG, for the eleventh time,
And it still wasn’t him.
I must be on my way now.

Where did santa go,
Where did my santa go,
Where did the old grey-bearded man go.
Where did the grandpa go,
Could he be sick in the north pole,
Or tagging names to shiny red wrapped boxes,
For other boys except for my own.

The other time, when I went in search of him,
I couldn’t find him and he didn’t come by.
I have not particularly been a good boy,
But I have been polite.
I have been hardworking,
Learnt my christmas carols like he said I should,
And I also kiss my little sister when she is tucked in bed.

Moving slowly with head bowed and tears in his eyes,
He could not understand why Santa had forgotten him.
And when his face finally fell into the cold snow
He knew his feet couldn’t take his tiny weight anymore.
In disappointment, he shuck his head to rid the ice off his hair.
It was time to go home.


Ho Ho Ho, a loud cry with bells jingling was what serenaded his ears.
SANTA! he cried out from his little vocal cords.
In the strong wind, a hand fell from above his head,
Like a desirable candy against his tongue,
The little boy lifts his head and grabs onto his glove.

This time, he knew he was going to succeed in fetching santa for his family.
But it was not the old man, it was his dad who had gone on his trail.
Common boy, mama is calling, he says.
Do not be sad, Santa will come, NEVER give up on him.

Goodnight! He gives his little sister a slow bedtime kiss.
And just in that moment, the twelfth DING DONG went off.
Santa was at the door, the old man had been on his way all day.
You found me this time, the little boy says, as he lifts himself into his arms.
That was the most embrace Santa had received throughout the day.
A reason why he was particularly fond of the boy.


Make sure to put in a good word for someone this Christmas.
We wish you a merry christmas.

X pj

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