Mental Illness; A Determinant of an Ailing Economy.




Corruption, Corruption, Corruption, this is what resounds as the reason for the fundamental problems of where we are today. We tend to blame the dwindling strength of our economy on our leaders on the basis of corruption, but have we questioned their mental health? or our own?. Are they mentally stable to run the economy effectively and we as a people, are we of a sound mind to continually ignore, accepting the misappropriation of public funds. Instead of clamouring for accountability, praises escapes our lips for these elites even when we evidently see the shrinking condition of our nation’s wealth. How can a change be near if leaders are not mentally sound to show empathy, make effective and morally justifiable decisions.


How will they govern effectively, if they cannot differentiate from what is pleasing, superior, sufficient and suitable to what is substandard, unacceptable, disgraceful and frightful. Hence, if our leaders are not mentally sound they cannot be able to sense if the conclusions reached after every consideration are equitable. A politician deposits public funds into his personal account or spends it lavishly because he thinks it is his money and his right, and not necessary that he physically robs the average Nigerian or prevent hospitals from functioning adequately. Therefore, it is not that he is a bad person, he is just not well grounded enough to know what he is supposed to be doing, not aware of what he seats entails. There is no foreseeable future were a human male is expected to bear a child. Meaning, one cannot expect a person who sees his actions as good to see it the other way around.


However, this calculative stealing and bad decisions based on rational is not just a government phenomenon. It is a way of life in this country and a reflection of the state of our mental faculty, which our economy is grossly paying the price. The masses are not far from this psychological disorder that has alienated our economy. We live in absolute denial of ourselves and very quick to make bad judgements on other inhabitants who reveal the inferior attributes that collectively defines who we truly are. When we see something that is wrong, literally wrong, we refuse to accept its wrongfulness. Urban and rural dwellers must understand that our politicians are not different from us, they are a product from the masses, our brothers and sisters. For this reason, every complaint lodged against these politicians can also be presented to us we if intend on attaining such heights with the same mentality.


When government representatives pass laws and reforms which has no value on its people, incompetent leaders then say the youths are unproductive without giving them the basic resources to run with, in order for the free flow of market activities which are expected to boost revenue and buying power. Tell me, how can the youths utilise their full potential or be productive enough to compete in the international market when most channels have proven difficult, limited by government insensitivity. Instead, leaders openly steal what their fifth generation cannot even spend. And you tell me this widespread greed has nothing to do with mental imbalance. Mental sickness subjects a person into never accepting that they are the problem. Mentally unstable individuals, however the degree of damage, try to project self-weakness on other people. The different diseases affecting our mental faculties are the ultimate reason why we a certain type of people who acceptably live in an ailing economy, which however has the potential to elevate the public to that of some wealthy foreign nations.

Come to think of it, there can be no excuse given, unless on the mental state of some leaders who engage in these distasteful practises and enact unproductive reforms. How can a person steal public funds in millions of dollars just to bury it in the ground or stuff it in an abandoned house. Corruption alone is not to blame here but mentally sick people. Aside from politicians per say, public figures and celebrities who stand as role models go through the most mental imbalance. When people expect them to be perfect, they cannot afford not to look the part. If you put that much pressure on your mental state, there is no way in heaven you can be mentally balanced. We know how much pressure our parents inflict on us, let alone such heaviness from over ten million people on an everyday basis. When one reads or hears what people have to say about them, it tampers with his/her level of self-esteem and confidence. The tricks which this belief presents most times leads to self-disappointments that could further mature into depression and drug abuse.


For a fact that we lack the knowledge of our intellectual position and proper mental health facilities, it becomes difficult for a person to decide to check themselves for mental evaluation. I would prefer not to call this a black man disease, but a sickness which is ignored, however unconsciously welcomed with open arms in this part of the world, since we tend to disagree that our minds needs revaluation from time to time.

“That being said, we are expected to declutter unsatisfactory issues of our childhood and adulthood, as such concerns damages the soul and mind.” X pj

Furthermore, the effect of the “social media age” on the brain has damaged the level of its brainpower. It is drastic! This generation of “camera, light and action”, were the web does not allow people to produce more articles of relevance to readers has increased the number of mentally ill individuals on our streets, television, workplace, marriages and government seats. An avenue which decides a chip on an irrelevant shoulder, yet adds nothing morally sane to the society or even to the coat being worn. As a consequence, this scenario allows these group of people to think of themselves in certain ways that are far from their reality and you tell me we do not have people who are mentally drained on our streets?. Also, majority of young people have become interested in a few people’s personal choices, such as the display of material wealth, the end of a marriage or who is dating who for the primary purpose of setting goals or a topic of ridicule, as opposed to quality news and articles which contains lasting outcomes or consequences on their future bread and present shelter.

“The mental shift from relevance to irrelevance is particularly frightening and it is getting worse by the day. Therefore, are these not the attributes of an insensible generation.” X pj


This is an age that is dominated with unbalanced people who are hard to identify due to the fact that they are dressed as though the are of a sound mind. Also disguised to possess or use a sufficient amount of their useful brainpower, they are positioned in seats of authority to enact reforms or given the opportunity to speak as role models. However, spreading havoc owning to a poor and depreciating mental state which they are unaware of. An age which has prompted people to live in absolute denial, total absent-mindedness of what is actual, required and significant. If we were to be displaced today as a “state of emergency” and on a queue to board a refugee boat due to the glaring ignorance and neglect of what was important, will this be a journey to self realisation? No! As a people we will still point out a finger, blaming tom, dick and maybe Buhari for our misfortune.

“This! my brothers and sisters is the alarming degree in which our anxiety over the wrong things and denial of our civic responsibilities has impacted the level of our thinking capacity.” X pj

I moved back to Nigeria and not long before my baby began to walk, I discovered my mental strength had shrunk to a sizeable degree. What made it possible to re-evaluate my brainpower which is still on going, was the ability to accept the reality that surrounded me. Owing to this fact I saw how much I had fallen, I began to retrace my ideologies, principles, theories, rules, reasonings and morals. Although mental illness is never the topic of discussion, it is on an all time high, shooting off the roof in this part of the world. Being seen as mentally unstable in this country is as though a taboo that cannot see the light of the day. Therefore, the denial and lack of acknowledgment that the brain could be working at a much slowly or faster pace or turned on incorrectly due to some unexpected screw behaviours has birthed a large group of human zombies. What am I saying? I am saying that we must admit that the disease which causes mild to severe disturbance in thought and behaviour, as a result of the inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routine is very present in our society and we must personally tackle it.


“We once called ourselves the “Giant of Africa”, but how can we ever regain such a boastful name when her youths the seeds of Nigeria, do not have the stamina to carry the “Giant that is Africa”.” X pj


I hope this meets you well.
Season Greetings

X pj.

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