A New Year, A New Resolution; 5 things to consider on your list.


Every big dream has small beginnings. Therefore, writing a new year resolution is a small beginning to a big dream. A new year is around the corner for new beginnings and a time to strengthen old relationships. So have you taken out time to ponder on what you intend on achieving this new year. Below are a few things to consider when your pen comes to paper.

A Rational Mind

For everything that we see or hear, there must be a logical reason or explanation for them. Therefore, others opinions and intentions should be governed in accordance with reason. We cannot always frown at the things which seem obnoxious or those that are unexplainable due to the degree of our mental capacity. Another mans meat is someone else’s poison. On that account, instead of dismissing the things that our mind cannot understand, we should instead look at it from a holistic point of view. Taking into account the intellectual and social factors, rather than what is mainly perceived.

This new year, increase your mental capacity by removing the brain from a suppressed framework, which has existed around the limitations of one’s childhood. To receive more, an individual must tamper with his mindset. Old ways do not open new doors. Instead of judging, listen to the people who have what you want, those who have broadened their minds overtime. The power to create your future is in your mind and until one starts with the skill of judging less and being open to new ideas, one is expected to definitely make progress this new year.


Focus Better

Focus more on the things that are most important. If you focus on problems, you will get more problems, but if you focus on possibilities you will receive more opportunities. Focus by practising on that job, partnership, career and identity, until winning is all that you deserve. Risk whatever it takes to see your dreams manifest, but do not allow any man or woman put you in a box because of what he or she thinks you badly need. There is always another route if only you can concentrate elsewhere. It is supposed to be demanding before it becomes effortless. Furthermore, do not plan on making excusing in a world which needs big thinkers and with a people who are ready to dare unfriendly situations and invent lasting solutions.

“Instead of quitting, take a break and if you must quit, start afresh, and if you wake up trying to quit again or without a goal, go back to sleep.” X pj

Focus better on a goal and you will not be in the exact same place next year. By focusing better and keeping your eyes on the end goal, comfort zones will become empty, time will not be abused, easy way-outs will not be entertained, overnight success will not be a topic of discussion and your name will not be on the menu but on a reserved table. A focused mind is a confident mind.


Stand for Yourself

The greatest sale tool which is confidence, is a flow that is yours and yours alone to keep. Therefore, you must build and make use of your confidence like never before. Aside from the Almighty, we are the masters of our life and therefore decides how it flows. What you think you become and how you fight for yourself is how people would treat you. Whatever the case might be, you must understand that you are enough. For this reason, refuse unfavourable situations by wanting preferable outcomes. Since the world is our playground, we must make our own decisions, uninfluenced by parents or friends and when those choices become unfavourable, with complete sincerity take responsibility and continue living. Your actions, whether just or unjust, are valid, since every deed comes with a price or punishment.

“You must learn to stand for yourself, to fight in the struggle. Who else it supposed to fix “IT” aside from you.” X pj

Accept whatever life presents, but you must choose to either make it a reality or a battle. Some people will never like you, but instead of seeing it as a flaw take it as a blessing to enjoy yourself even more. The less the better, yet no escape in this rat race. In all, learn to fight the good fight, a brawl which keeps your head above the water even when the waves continuously displaces your mind and physical body. If you want it and believe you can have it, then it is yours. Stop worrying how it is going to happen or what will happen and start fighting for yourself, your dreams and see where it takes you this coming year.


Play to Lose

When you play as though to fail, the end game is mostly a win. However, if you lose, you have the opportunity to start another chapter of the same course. So start again! A mimicked game comes with great price. Hence, forging ahead in clouded dreams comes with great patience, significant, resilience and thorough reevaluation of every step taken. Sometimes the game might not be worth it and it is therefore very important to pull out at soon as possible, as the other party might be playing with pretentious methods, which would eventually see a game of a good means to a bad end. Consequently, a commitment or relationship that is not desirable even for a contender.

Playing to lose does not require a major plan. The idea lacks “STRATEGIES” but embraces “SELF”. When there is a plan it propels behaving in certain ways which are clearly visible to an opponent. Hence, sacrificing true identity for FALSE individuality. Certain approach are known plan of actions which limits the potential of winning. Therefore, having an identity crises can expose the player to the possibility of being physically attacked or emotionally harmed and foolishness to the eye that is watching. A person who plays without a plan is ready to risk it all and that is what is so daring, admirable to the individuals who encounter such a bold and specific person. It is better to be a certain type of person, enjoying the things which are admirable and refusing treatments that are unsatisfactory, regardless of its acceptability.

However, when a card is openly played, its revelation should yet be concealed to a sizeable degree even though it is bare. Open cards are traps laid as though there is nothing meant to critical evaluate. The scene is beautiful and path straight, but are the swallow grass what it is? That is the game. Play differently this year. What am I saying? When at work, present that odd idea even if it seems as though it is a bad idea. If you are single, completely change the idea and perception of a romantic relationship, before plunging into a new bond, as you do not want to reuse a failing mindset as before. However, if you are involved, make sure to be real with your flaws and never try to impress him or her. Trying to be someone else is just as a knife in the chest. Hence, choose to be that person who flaunts their habits, either good or bad, as it makes you exceptional, hopeful and secure in ones beliefs.


Lend your Voice

Last but not the least, you should consider spreading your reach such as being a volunteer in your community. Freely partake in a task which does not directly benefit you but other people. Be that person who publicly supports a cause or recommends a person for a job. Be that individual who comes in to save the day, the one who is concerned about other people’s difficulties and helps in the little ways that he can. Be quiet during malicious gossips and contribute less in conversations that are meant to bring a person down. Instead, participate in formal discussions on matters that concern the public.


Considering the above mentioned when writing a new year resolution will definitely add significance and success to your year. Goodluck.

Happy New Year.
X pj

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