Dedicated to the Dreamers


With a mind that cannot run out of thoughts,
A heart as shiny as gold and hands as crystal as diamonds,
Diligently work on your goals to be remembered tomorrow.
Piece puzzles together which no one can and say your “Thank You”,
So that your awards will be written amongst the stars,
And rewards, alive for generations to come.

If it is cold, say it is chilly,
When hot, say it is boiling,
And if you cannot speak, stay quiet.
The truth always prevails at the end.
Remain hopeful that common sense will win in your absence.

To the truth you cannot change, live it to the fullest.
To the lies you tend to make, do not make them your reality.
To the hearts you are going to break, make sure they are not opportunities lost.
To the good friends you will take for granted, I hope you do not make this mistake.
To the decisions that would be unfair to certain people, are they uninfluenced considerations?.


Hopefully you do not reach your goals in a lonely place,
Or have to live your dreams with an enemy disguised as a lover,
Or be surrounded by sycophants who only want something,
Or live to say black is white when on the witness stand due to societal pressure.
Looking for people who need you for the moment.
Dancing to an applause meant for a selfish purpose.
Dressing in the mirror to persuade acceptance.
Loosing yourself to the things which die with time.

You should sing when the sound is pleasing,
Shout, when pain presses hard,
Scream, at a pleasant surprise,
Laugh, when fear appears.
And when those gigantic wings finally take form,
Flap them hard enough to soar into the skies.
But you must do all of this without any unpleasant noise.
Leave the whispering tongues below the clouds.

May you have the bravery to do your best.
May you have the confidence to see no one but you in the mirror.
May your dreams not end in the hands of an oppressor.
May your table flourish with fresh smiles and gratitude.
May you be treated like an esteemed guest in the midst of your foes.
May you have good health and pure kisses from your loved ones.
May the best of your today be a learning curve for your tomorrow.


Remember this! I want you to have it all, all of your dreams.
Consider dreaming well – Dedicated to the DREAMERS.

X pj.

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