The Locksmith and The Tower

He knocks on the door every morning on his way to work and also repeats a similar bang when returning home. Yet, nobody answers. This was a doorway which he walked through whenever he liked, regardless of time or season. When he was comfortably seated, series of dishes paired into courses were lined up on the twelve seater dining table for him to eat as he pleased. Then, he would crawl up into the queenly bed, depositing the accumulated steam he could not discharge at the private club. After much satisfaction, garments were stitched  and fitted perfectly on his body whenever he was ready to leave. An absence which never sees the dawn.


It has been three months since any response from the door he has been trying to enter, that which he had earlier taken for granted. In preceding days, the voice optimiser he uses in other to assist in announcing his presence even louder, appeared not to have been of help. Even if he was hoping on sneaking himself in, none of the castle’s representative had heard him. It was upon this day he knew he had to keep his job aside to enquirer what had gone wrong with the door-locks and those behind the hinged door. He taught of forcing down the door with his old strong truck, but it was an unlikely decision since the entrance was huge and securely casted into the building. If done without forethought, the decision would only collapse the tower destroying everything he loves dearly; his entire existence buried in the rubble. Therefore, the way which seemed the fastest was destructive.


The tower in the castle was erected with concrete and bronze bars with a door beneath and a window at the top. The only penetrable window of the tower. It was then he realised it was not a game of ping-pong any longer, since re-entering was looking unlikely or might end up being a reality to only wish for. This was a reality shining it’s white well polished impossible to deny set of fantastic teeth at him, with a cheeky smile and a truth which needed tactics and strength to overcome.

A peaceful and majestic shed which once welcomed him with opened arms had now locked him out for good. The fear of never seeing or witnessing the things of the inside was what made him cuddle up in bed, hiding for the rest of the evening. But when the morning sun arose again, the strength to fight another day was what made us see him working tirelessly in his backyard. Days went by, seasons lapped one another and tress boar fruits to feed mankind. Alas, he was ready. The way he stood courageous as one going on a mission was very evident through his belongings.

He had built a double-decked sliver shiny ladder from scratch with equipments to climb the tower with a similar resemblance as Rapunzel’s place of confinement. Not only did Samson acquire new abilities in building series of ascending stages, he also improved his locksmith skills, carving out different types of keys every morning and night. Seeing that he was locking up numerous keys in many differently shaped boxes, he must had attained the 100th key and built the tallest ladder ever known to the villagers, as promised.


Early that Sunday morning he sets out with personal protective gears without any pride attached to his new invention nor fear of the known and unknown, only acknowledging the cheers from a crowd of fascinated onlookers. Legally or illegally, he launched the attack on an opportune time. He was either going to pass through that door or jump in from the skyline window. The only two possible options available for either a guest or an intruder. Whatever the case might be, regardless of the future circumstances or achievements, to be perceived as either a thief or hero was not going to motivate or hinder the planned activities only known to him.

All Samson wants is to be happy but he really did not know how to go about it.

If you intend to change your course in life or fancy acquiring a specific knowledge that would impact a very important decision. You have to be ready to go the extra mile.

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