A scholar’s letter to a future credible president of Nigeria.

I write to congratulate you on your appointment into office and to also bring to your attention the expected reforms which should be included in your agenda and the type of legacy Nigerians are expecting. I am thrilled that a substantial amount of vote made a difference, despite the severe conditions in the country which were supposed to manipulate the minds of many Nigerians from electing a credible candidate. With October the 1st approaching yet again, Nigerians are desperately in need of “TRUE CHANGE”, since this continuous hunger has still not been satisfied, despite promises made from previous and recent administrations. We are aware that long-run effects contributes to a stable economy, however we expect inceptive twenty-first century sustainable developmental structures.

Nigerians in great numbers are unaware of the measures in place to generate income in imminent years and the level of developmental infrastructures proposed. Majority of them are still not fully satisfied with the methods associated with project initiations and completions of public utilities (railroads, motorways, bridges, airports, terminals, prisons, stadiums, housing, schools, hospitals, harbours, parks, etc.) across the nation.


Therefore, structural development should be communicated to Nigerians during implementation, commencement and finalization, with justification of the project or program case instead of having to abnormally revisit the issue over and over again, wasting precious time and finances. An inclusive rebuilding of our nation is better than accrediting you as a “silent operator” by a few people. The drawbacks of being called a “silent operator” before repeated and alarming placements of achievements on various media platforms during elections, would primarily allow your performance appear as a dishonest scheme, a desperate cry to claim the highest seat in the land if and when you decide to run for a second term.

With consideration, I would like to suggest additional reforms in your agenda, which should lead to economic growth and development. “As a development economist, I argue that economic and development growth can certainly be achieved through high income, which realizes profitable investments and then capital accumulation.” My opinion above, would encourage larger markets, competitive trade and high employment rate. Thus, I propose providing stimulants such as Investment loan subsidies, Tax holidays, Land subsidies, Preferential tariffs and, Research and Development funding to support augmentation between national and foreign Direct Investments. A more conducive means of entry for different types of foreign companies.


These are vital growth inputs which leads to significant outputs and benefits. Also, a well orchestrated reform in monetary policy will combat high inflation and price instability. Complete financial liberalisation, strong legal system and property rights, and debt through accurate comprehensive forecasted benefits should be used for investments, project completion, exportation of promotions and importation of substitutes. Focus on human capacity building with efficient processes of systematically upskilling individuals  to benefit the society as a whole. For better understanding, train and educate a significant amount of people yearly, so as to accumulate experts to serve their respective communities and create economic, social and institutional value for Nigeria.

Regarding public lives, the periodic terror descended upon Nigerians and trivial efforts to displace insurgence have raised concerns on previous administrations. Therefore, I cannot refer you to any past leader to emulate, as none of our past frontrunners perfectly dissuaded or prevented such violence and inhuman atrocities. Hence, failing to curb barbaric eruptions and being unable to alleviate the suffering these malicious acts and conducts are having on the masses.

“A country without a strong army to protect its citizens is as good as a barren desert.”

Therefore, I can only recommend a feasible approach to equip the armed forces with the appropriate machinery to defend our right-to-live and support in research and development towards new ways systems, procedures and mechanism for better performance. Provide law enforcement personnel with better salaries and proper incentives for their families, so as to boost the will to discharge duties effectively and lessen the ever-growing corruption.


Fallen soldiers should be remembered for bravery and heroism by erecting statues of exceptional soldiers, selecting a National Remembrance Day and performing proper  military memorial rites with a flag draping over the coffin, drumming and firing of volley shots as a salute and other military elements needed for and after the occasion. Although, in recent times I am aware of some remembrance to that effect, but would suggest a more reliable execution of required activities and programs to properly tackle negligence. These alterations if enacted would encourage defense strength instead of fleeing a shock site and intimidating citizens through bribery and dishonesty.

To conclude, Mr President, as this term marks a new governance, I plead with you not to leave any stone unturned. I am hopeful that your productive and debatable team will be able to provide problem solving techniques and ideas to tackle the recent economic problems facing our country and will also consider the options I have provided. Optimistically, as the years elapse with expected contributions to the nation, your administration and legacy will continually be cited as an example to future presidents and leaders, near and far.

Make us proud.
A concerned citizen.



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