The Human Memory and Inner Clock; Simple ways to develop the sense of Time Awareness


Time is a force above everything that exist. It is very present, fixed and regular, knowing it to posses specified characteristics. The ceaseless tick-tock washes away generations, redefines traditions, restores trends and rebuilds centuries to come. Time as they say “waits for no man” is an excellent fact that is expected and cannot be contested. It treats everyone the same way, without being influenced by status, beauty or wealth. Hence, it is no respecter of anything. It does not exist in any concrete sense, although weird to explain, our lives are built around it. We sense time, yet we have no sensory faculty to become aware of it as it passes in seconds, minutes and hours.


The personal knowledge or feeling of time, which is measured by individual awareness of the length of known and unfolding incidents, is as though an internal ticking clock which imprints on the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information, safeguarding facts learned about something or someone overtime that are expected to be recollected when needed. Listening to our inner clock makes us more creative, productive or emotional. Then, recalling a period of time, allows the brain to deliver the quality and amount of time spent on a particular situation. Therefore, our internal clock is perfect for time awareness and the human memory is a good measure of time, judging its passage on how much we are able to recollect a given period, either good or bad.


More particularly, time affects our efficiency, inventiveness and contentment. The passing of time could either slow down, drag those second hands when we notice boredom, sadness and anxiety, or flies by when we are entertained, something or someone genuinely interest us. As a consequence, we do not notice most of the ticks or make judgement on time when we are aware in it, as opposed to being aware of it. A passing or an awareness of time extracts focus from the present and pushes our attention towards the future or the past. When a person is highly aware of time, it becomes difficult to be in the moment. Aside from the disadvantages of forgetting to live in the moment, which are due to undeviating behaviours, lesser thinking abilities and lack of creativity, it allows room for heightened productivity, professionalism, better planning, and drives meaningful habits.


It is no news that individuals tend to struggle with time or have no value for time. People have a problem with not realising time is actually passing. They spend so much time in a straightforward task, effortless assignment, manageable situation or uncomplicated relationship. Without regard for time, a young lady spends over ten years in a relationship. As time went its usually course, she obviously did not take it into consideration, a lack of thought that would affect her in approaching years. Seeing that the relationship has matured over an unexpected period, she sees the need for urgency and then starts demanding all of a sudden, pushing for a nuptial at every opportunity. A move which would be full of anguish and a show of hopeless sense. What happened to being aware of time at its earliest? Well, similar cases occurs everyday to majority of persons.

Lately, I started thinking about time, its perception and management, but I am yet to figure it out, since I am totally overwhelmed by it. I would say I am trying my hardest to manage it well, a best that needs a lot of improvement. Therefore, one has to be mindful of how to use time better. Arousing interest or enthusiasm to clear a to-do lists and allowing time to dive deep into ideas or opinions occurring suddenly in the mind, should be a thing to be conscious of and acquainted with.


As a result of an increased awareness of time, it creates a discharge of urgency, especially when we are running late or getting older. Since days raced by in a flash and routines disappeared unknowingly, we feel the need to quickly acquire a lot in a short frame, as we are now aware of the little time we actually have left. Playing less, snatching every opportunity, dissociation from mundane issues, producing better outcomes and taking more direct routes will become the course of many days to come. Connecting and relishing with friends now seems inefficient and time consuming. Are we then supposed to just walk towards our dreams, without living or sharing time with loved ones? Well, that is a personal choice, a decision which a partaker would have to bear the consequences. Specifically, our awareness of time completely affects our present moments. It could either lead us towards destruction or fulfilment. However the case might be, we should always consider what is most important to us.


Figure out ways you can work around time passing. You can write down your goals boldly, placing it somewhere that is clearly visible. Plan schedules, set time limits and record how much time you spend doing certain activities per week. Develop a habit of double-checking. If possible, set watches or time gadgets ten minutes ahead and, set timers and alarms at X amount of minutes. This would help in knowing how long it takes you to complete certain different tasks- X minutes to depart your home, Y minutes to come into work, Z minutes to locate a parking spot.



Also, working mainly during your most productive hours will help you with time management and awareness. Periodically remind yourself of what you should be doing, as this would help you put an end to spending too much time regularly or frequently behaving in a certain way or tending to details that do not warrant the amount of attention you give them. Look for a more habit-based device that can be used to change present behaviours or better still, train your mind to do what you want it to do, rather than solely relying on gadgets.

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