Mind Manipulations; Intensifying the Degree of our Mental Capacity towards Success.

Since the line of thoughts and opinions of the world population lack unification, a disunion that is due to the many intellectual achievements, godly practices and historical conventions, we as individuals have to first and foremost reason with what is explainable at every point in our immediate environment, even if life is a stream of many unexplainable affairs, a puzzle that a person cannot unwind. However, the dissimilar conception, visualisation, activities for livelihood and process of being governed independently has given us the ability to perceive things differently from various sorts, kinds and angles, and the opportunity to conceive things from many scopes of existence.

In view of the fact that there are now many glaring contrasting options, the differentiation which tears us apart has been able to provide us with the maximum capacity to see things beyond the limitations of our own culture, tradition and religion. A brilliantly divided actuality which makes us as human beings reason in diverse series of actions or steps, taken in order to achieve a particular end. Hence, the ability to expand and transform a person’s power of reasoning from the usual mental picture is much more conceivable. One can consciously manipulate the mind with emotions which derives something in either a skilful, clever or unscrupulous manner.

Using the mind as a weapon to acquire the needs and wants for survival is the most advantageous skill a human being can ever acquire. It is the most effective method, style or manner of doing something in order to create favourable circumstances that increases the chances of effectiveness and success.


However, “the mind” and “working capacity” are to be processed sequentially, since we are built to desire more as we climb the ladder of success. An individual is expected to put in some work in other for him to dream bigger or see things in general from different perspectives, because it is very difficult to dream of what one has never seen or heard of.

When I mention “work” or “labour”, I do not necessary mean “tedious work”, but working intelligently and smart, as a mans strength and capacity to do work is not what changes his story. A mans might or potential is not what necessary brings him wealth or fulfilment, but of what he accepts through his faculty of consciousness. He may toil the ground for many years to receive food, but if his mind had not originally become affected by the idea to work-for-food, the simple basis of livelihood, he will still not be able to receive the abundant gains that are bounded to his work. Also, what makes him successful is not the exact waste of his sweat, since the effects of labour on the physical and mental body is unquantifiable. An obvious reason why different business establishments pay more or less wages according to what they think is appropriate. That being so, this only means that hard-work does not necessarily equals money.


Most people follow the rules of perseverance, tenaciousness, consistency and fondness, yet a large number of them never succeed. Do not misinterpret my argument at this point, as Hard-work does bring treasures, but whatever it is that the heart truly desires, coupled with the time or extent of which it is desired, a person must originally conceive it in the mind through conviction and optimism before he can even set out to acquire it, either through hard-work or opportunity. In as much as we dedicate our bodies to work, we should in the same way or if possible to a higher extent, learn the practises of elevating the mind. Hence, maximizing the potential that is in the mind instead of your physical abilities. For a person to be able to manipulate the mind to suit what is relevant and desirable, he or she must alter the appearance of how they visualise things, change the structure of what is supposed to be a generational pattern and become different in character on how abstract ideas are generally believed or recognised.

The steps above if taken into consideration would set a formula, foundation and rationale for many stages of life to come, especially in our generation. Also, to a great and detailed degree, a person must take pride in stating his or her convictions towards an actualisation. To positively develop the mind so much so that when words fall out of his or her lips, it will be grounded and rooted, showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes through utterances. That my dear is how you push boundaries, seize opportunities, attract good-fortune and execute the impossible with the greatest precision.

I am a firm believer that manner does fall from heaven, even if no food physically falls from heaven, as our spoils are already buried on earth for us to acquire. Similarly, a person must cultivate the habit of having a broad and open mind, with enough brainfood to sustain it. Nevertheless, if your brainfood lacks the necessary increasing intellectual capabilities to nourish the mind, the individual is therefore prone to reason on swallow grounds. He might eventually end up with a compressed mind that would only confine him to a little hole where success is limited in almost every area of ones life. Yes!, we mostly cling so dearly to favouritism and good fortune, which is a very tricky practice and chance to tackle, but at the end of the day, we should not forget destiny, karma and generational hard-work and curses. A spirituality which is unseen but very present can still be altered through the power of the mind, according to the magnitude and profound level of ones faith.


Walking now on the surface, but yet to be buried in the ground and you are still unfit to arouse your brain with the unthinkable and unachievable is unsatisfactory. How about you take advantage of the fact that you have the power of the mind to think, understand and logically form judgements, and to believe whatever that agrees with your ever-improving intellectual mind. Human beings have infinite inner forces to call whatsoever to themselves, to attract any kind of desire to manifestation, since they are spiritual beings with an immortal soul. A signification that you can be anything in the world if you put your mind to it, but with belief as a first approach. Having definite, undiluted trust in your mental ability is basically the most sort after, but hardest confidence a person can achieve.

Owing to the fact that “believing”, if clearly decided, not vague or doubtful, can pull an unmoving ship to shore, right in front of you. Because “Undiluted Faith” empowers the mind with the permission to bear things into existence, exactly as we have seen it. To sum up this significant piece of writing, continually repeat and emphasize that something desirable is the case, even though it seems surprising.

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Thank you.

X pj.

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