A Single Shot of Opportunity; a quest for the rabbit in the HOLE.

There he goes again” the young graduate’s mind alerts her just in time to stagger up from the chair on the patio. Running down the wooden stairs of her entrance, she sees him unhurriedly about to enter the hole again. The very hole of no return, a glaring representation of pain, patient and perseverance. She pulls out the concealed sliver revolver tucked in her waistband and “Boom”, the attractive damsel fires her shot, yet it missed him and by the time she was ready to take another shot at him, the opportunity was gone. “Danm it!” she scolds herself with a smack on her upper thigh, just before she turned around to commence her pity walk back home. “Today is going to be a bad day” her thoughts confesses.

1BD3BC25-0D56-43D2-A420-C0DF17E00395The other day, the youthful wife thought she had finally put a bullet to his head when she shot and killed his lookalike. A revelation she only discovered when she had stretched over to look him in the eye. The disappointing walk to the house was even more painful than the usual, as she had thought that her nights of keeping watch and days under the cloudy and sunny skies were over. The adrenaline of success in her veins was so noticeable that she could have ran butt naked in the neighbourhood if it was truly him, a disturbance that would have ended her day at the back seat of a police truck. But it was not him, wasn’t him a week ago, wasn’t him a month ago, wasn’t him a year ago and still wasn’t him five years later. The quest for a piece of “The wonderland” has left the young lady miserable, day-dreaming of the day she would grab the “Golden key” which unlocks the puzzle to her “Golden opportunity” to sniff, feel and poke at every part of his body.

Now she had only a bullet left. A knowledge she was fully aware of, an understanding which has now made the young entrepreneur fear for her survival and very scared of her next attempt. Will she finally get him or waste her last chance on another double? and how long will she have to wait until he decides to take this route again?. Instead of the young mother anticipating the next scenario and considering his move with such little time on her hands, she should quickly move from this “Once Upon a Time” new chair, to journey far and beyond on how to learn new tricks in other for her to finally own him and use him to her advantage, fulfilling all righteousness. A pursuit for better understanding, so as to when their path cross again, the rabbit would know of her and the people will hear of her first and last names.


The idea is to do it differently, a method of strike and conquer with precise measurements and angles. Methods were she does not have the disadvantages of her feet but an advantage with a riffle scope and a still body frame. “This time you will not miss this opportunity”, resounded in her head while paying for extra hardware and gears for her much awaited attack. A brilliantly delivered message by her subconscious, which had allowed her wear a smile back at the attendance; a facial expression far from the one she came into the store with.

I have missed many shots towards the rabbit and wasted bullets on what I thought was him, this time I am going to win, whether my feelings, situation or onlookers like it or not!” An encouraging message she gifts herself as she laid in-wait on the dirty concrete roof of the building directly facing the entry of the opening. The silent eagerness which had groomed her for the past two years was finally out play. With her eyes on the ocular lens and finger on the trigger of the riffle that was previously loaded with her last bullet, the world had become noiseless and unpopulated. This time around, every aspect of her senses was fully focused on his approach, since all signals had pointed at his time of arrival. She was not waiting to strike on his return, but immediately he sticks out his round-haired head.

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