TSD; A Believer’s Prayer


A day came when I looked at my surroundings and saw lack. I found absence instead of overflow and then I panicked. I wanted more yet realised I was stretched thin in all the ways I used to pray; they had not brought expected results in my thoughts. As it is said “with tenacious, diligence and intelligence comes all the fruit of the land” and having worked diligently on my projects and living a Godlike example, I was left confused. I sowed my seeds and watered, I could see a branch however no fruits. Frustration was closing in daily but “far from giving up” was further down. Hence, I thought of different ways to approach my God.


I decided to write a prayer from my heart, without mentioning specific items as I have come to understand that we plan but he has the ultimate say. This meant that I wasn’t planing on offering prayers through the Book of Psalms, or source what others have written this time. I later found the courage to write my own after watching a sermon on television that fateful morning. I picked some powerful words from the preacher and wrote them down, then decided in my own words to piece this prayer together.

This prayer below in which I wrote became “My Every Hour Prayer“.

God bless me indeed.
Bless me with an overflow
So I can become a blessings to others.
Bless me with abundance
Enlarge my territory
Bless with uncommon favour
Bless me with more than enough.
Take me to where I cannot go on my own.
Give me more opportunities
Expand my boarders
Give me more influence, more resources
Bless me in an unusual way.
I pray for unprecedented favour
Greater opportunities
Double portion of the fullness of my destiny.
God I keep you first place in my life
Bless me Indeed.


I typed it on a plain white background and turned it into a picture with a certain app then stored it as my lphone’s screensaver. Everyday I prayed “My Every hour Prayer”. The rule was to be at prayer whenever I see any hour with 16 or 19 minutes ( 2:16, 9:16, 11:19, 7:19, etc). I would pray this short prayer every hour of the day and all of a sudden my eyes always caught the time on those very moments. It became so random that I would wake at exactly 6:19 or 6:16 or an hour more or less. Or coincidentally pick up my phone at such times. My spirit became receptive to these exact times of the day.

This prayer became my life, my every word until the day I realised I had gone past the phase of such type of prayer. It no longer sat well with me anymore. My consciousness had began to reject it for reasons that were now aware to me. So I looked at it in search and saw for the very first time my wealth and not my lack. I realised that the things I didn’t have where only in time. I had become convinced time had it stored for me.

This further meant to me that instead of asking for what our father has already given, be thankful for them and wait in faith. Hence, acknowledge these needs and wants, knowing for certain that it is only with time, in seconds and for this reason I had to change my prayer, my every hour prayer, for I am a believer and not a seeker. I wasn’t attempting to enquire or obtain, not looking anymore, but was in waiting, awaiting the promises of God in my life.


How do you know one who is in wait? The words from their mouth is how you would know someone who is expecting. For this fact I rewrote my prayer this time in my head, changing the old words in my head while I recited the news words as I looked at the same old prayer. I NEVER CHANGED THE OLD PRAYER, as I never wanted to forget where I used to be, but to remember my progression, to be aware that I am now in the process of waiting, in a different place of my life as I read over the words of the old prayer.

For those who wait are those who have seen! And if you know you are in waiting read this prayer instead. This is what the new “EVERY HOUR PRAYER” became, “A BELIEVER’S PRAYER”.

Thank you God for blessing me indeed.
You have Blessed me with an overflow
Now I have become a blessings to others.
You have Blessed me with abundance
You Enlarged my territory
You have Blessed me with uncommon favor
You have Blessed me with more than enough.
You took me to where I cannot go on my own.
You gave me more opportunities
Expanded my boarders
Gave me more influence, more resources
Blessed me in an unusual way.
I prayed for unprecedented favour
Greater opportunities
And you Doubled the portion of the fullness of my destiny
Father, I will continually keep you first place in my life
Thank you for Blessing me Indeed.


I began to see all the abundance of blessings I was currently living. The days when I am in my feelings, when I cannot shrug off the doubts, yet my believer’s prayer will shoot my emotional reaction high enough to produce a large smile and a full heart of gratitude. “My Believer’s Prayer” always reminded me that I was in the waiting room, that my load was on its way. That my needs and wants was a mile closer everyday. This belief boosted my self-confidence everyday and made me work even harder. I reached for an overflow, abundance of favour and blessing, and rejected what was not in line with my vision and God’s promises, and this made me more than hopeful when kickstarting my days.

Overtime, I had formed a bubble of strong hope, erupting faith and that fateful morning, I realised that my load was safely tucked in my home. That all my heart desires had finally arrived. The packages were too big for a truck, so they came in different lorries and vans. Just as I saw it was exactly as it came. It was expected! A new level had taken over with time, but I still felt the same gratitude from before, as I did not waste anytime living in what I saw, for I have been living in my abundance; in my future.


Wait on GOD with the Believer’s prayer.

Thank you for reading. If this made an impact in your life, please share with your loved ones as well. A comment will also be most appreciated.

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