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In Love with The Devil- Episode 16

Nicole’s pov

Thirty minutes ago


I came back from work earlier than I use to, then Nina ran towards me, she was back from school too.

Nicky are you making my cupcake today?” She asked with so much hope, I was tired but I agreed.

She went with bianca to get grocery’s and then I put the cupcake in the oven when someone pressed the door bell, I went to get it and it was a tall dark and handsome guy in a black suit, he asked if I was Nicole and I said yes but didn’t let him come in…

I’m a friend of Mr Bryan is he around

“I thought you came to see me and now you say you are Mr Bryan’s friend

No… It’s just I wanted to give him something and he already told me if I don’t meet him at home it might be someone called Nicole that I will need to give it to, so that’s why I asked if you were Nicole

Okay is it work related?” I asked not convinced.


Didn’t he give you his company’s address

That’s a very good question miss, it’s very confidential so he told me not to come to his company

Okay, I’m sorry but this is not my house so I can’t just trust anyone to come in

I understand miss, I wasn’t planning on coming in either, please give this to Mr Bryan and please as I said earlier, it’s confidential so please make sure it gets to him or is he around?


No he’s not” I said and then he gave me a parcel. “I will make sure it gets to him

The man nodded and left, I didn’t want to get into trouble so I went to put it in his office, when I came back to the sitting room I could smell something burning, oh shit! I forgot the cupcakes, I rushed to the kitchen opened the oven then it started smoking out, oh god it has only been twenty minutes why did it get so burnt.

That was when Bryan came and started shouting at me, I felt so bad and this time it was my fault, I didn’t know the woman that was trying to console me but I appreciated it.

Bryan don’t talk to your wife like that” she yelled

My wife

Yes, you two are already MARRIED

Who is this woman? Does she know who she’s talking about? Did Bryan lie to her or something?.


What are you saying mom?” mom, did he just call her mom, I feel like I have seen the woman before but I just can’t remember. Bryan’s mom is dead so why is he calling the woman mom.

Nicole when I saw you last night I tried remembering where I saw your face, I knew it’s through a friend of your dad’s, Bryan, but I just couldn’t remember who….” she saw me yesterday? When was that?

I searched your name online, and then I saw your dad’s picture which you posted, I was shocked, you are James Silvia’s daughter?

Yes that’s true mam” I answered still confused.

Few years ago Bryan was ten and Nicole was seven, Nicole’s mom had died then and James had to take Nicole with him on his business trip, when he met his good old friend Fin Wright, they shared moments together and Fin took him to his house, seeing Fin’s son, James begged Fin to let them get married, then he seemed desperate, he told Fin he might die soon and he wants to make sure his daughter is married to a good man before then and he will make sure they are in touch with each other, coming to see them from time to time, when they got married, James couldn’t do as he promised because of his new wife but calls us, and then he died and we didn’t hear from him again, we were going to find Nicole later but we also couldn’t. We use to think Bryan was old enough to remember so we didn’t put pressure on him by reminding him. I and Fin thought ones Nicole clocked eighteen we would go get her, but we couldn’t


To tell the truth we became rich, we forgot about you, maybe that’s why God punished us” Bryan’s mom said already crying now I understand but how was she found, Bryan and I married?, that’s stupid, I can’t be married to the devil itself, NO!, oh my God I feel like crying, Bryan will only hate more.

Nina and Bianca were back, so Nina took the twins with her and Bianca said she forgot to tell me that there was something wrong with the oven. So it wasn’t my fault, we were in Bryan’s room.

I knew I had seen that woman before and while I and Bryan were in school, I use to feel I had seen him somewhere before then but couldn’t remember, I was told my mom died when I was seven its not like I actually remembered anything.

But this cannot be taken seriously, I can’t be married to Bryan and that’s final.

Bryan’s POV



I looked at her cute little brown eyes, she’s so cute and beautiful, much more beautiful than my crush Charlotte, so why wouldn’t I agree to get married, but I thought marriage is for adult, I had no idea why I was getting married so soon but I liked it.

What’s your name?” I asked her.

I’m Nicole and you” she answered with her beautiful voice her face flushed pink, I was starting to like her.

Bryan” I answered.

That’s a nice name” she said, she bent her head and she was twisting her fingers shyly.

But after that I didn’t see her again, she didn’t come back, I was sad very sad, I really wanted to see her again.

End of flashback

Nicole has hurt me twice now all the more reason to hate her more, I was young and lonely the only son of my parents, at that time Nina wasn’t born yet, I remember, I have always remembered that beautiful girl, I was really looking forward to finding her, yes she’s the same person, mom forgot to have her father give my dad something to give her thinking he might die early, then my dad gave it to grandpa, who gave it to me, but I’m glad she didn’t mention it I wasn’t planning on giving her yet anyway.


I looked over at Nicole and saw the confused look on her face, she’s different, she’s not so innocent as she looked when she was that little girl, so sad.

Won’t you guys say anything?” Mom asked. “Well I understand it took you by surprise, but I’m glad since you are already in a relationship.

No we are not, Bryan has a….

Crush on her….” I can imagine the look on Nicole’s face I was only staring at mom, I love my mom and didn’t want her to feel bad after everything that happened so I will do anything to make her happy.

Awwn that’s so great, your wedding was a quick one but we will have the real one later, but before then, you too should stay together while I stay in the guest room

What?!!!” I and Nicole asked almost shouting, in unison.

Mom chuckled, “don’t worry, I’m only staying for a month with the kids, Fahd agreed, he might come to see me sometimes, but you know I thought since he is always busy I should come spend time with my son

“Who?” Nicole asked, and mom explained, probably sensing she doesn’t know the whole story.

When Nina heard she squirmed with joy and hugged my mom saying she was an angel sent from heaven, and I rolled my eyes feeling sick, I was truly feeling sick, if I wanted I would commit suicide at this point in my life.

Nicole’s luggage was moved to my room, it’s so small, that’s why she repeated cloths, geez.

Is this how things just change, one day she’s my course mate, and another she’s my assistant and the next she’s my wife?, what the hell is the world coming to?.

Nicole doesn’t seem to be pleased either, she was in the library and I was in my room, then suddenly she opened the door.

Someone came to drop a parcel for you and its in your office, Bianca asked me to call you to come eat” she stated like a robot would and went down back, what the hell came over her, she was really frowning, well why do I care?.

I went down and then I and Nicole were only giving fake smiles. But the twins seemed to noticed cause they started mimicking us and mom scolded them.

We went into our room together. Fuck! Really our room. Before I could say anything she said…

Bryan I don’t want to be married to you, but I understand you love your mom, you are doing everything to make her happy, but don’t ruin my life because of that, I have no idea why you hate me but just so you know I hate you more than you think now, I’m going on with my life, being married to you doesn’t change anything, we will get a divorce soon, I’m sure that’s what on your mind right now and I’m glad, and don’t worry I will sleep on the sleeping bag, you can have your king sized bed to yourself” she said and did as she said.


To tell the truth I had no idea if I was pleased or was sad about her newly found confidence. I couldn’t sleep, I looked down at Nicole but she wasn’t there, where is she? Maybe in the kitchen, so I went down to the kitchen.

Nicole’s POV


I couldn’t sleep so I went down to the kitchen, I made some coffee and was sipping it when Bryan walked in. Ugh what the heck does he want now?. I fought back the urge to roll my eyes.

I watched him reached over for a mug, he made his coffee and looked at me, I didn’t plan to but the words just came out.

Why do you hate me so much Bryan?” I said looking into his eyes, they were cold and filled with distaste

You boast Nicole, and you still do it” Bryan said, he angrily pushed the mug on the bar making it crash noisily on the floor.

I hate you Nicole, I hate you” he said

Then I quit” I yelled

I didn’t care anymore I was so hurt, I have suffered hate before and I can’t stand it anymore, I don’t understand what he meant by me boasting but I didn’t care, I felt tears roll down my cheek.

I’m tired, I quit all this, the job, being your wife, I quit everything, you forced a stupid pact on me didn’t you? Its not like I really wanted to stay Bryan, why do you want me to stay with you huh? If you hate me so much then why don’t you let me leave? I have suffered enough, I agreed to work for you only because I knew my stepfather wanted to scam you… I’m naive YES, only because I wanted to help you and if what I will get is hate then I’m done

I said leaving him in the kitchen, nobody would hear anything because the house is so big and the kitchen is far from the rooms, so the rest would still be sound asleep.


Twenty minutes later Bryan came in and I was already packing my bag

I will leave tomorrow before anyone wakes up, so you tell them I went on a business trip you couldn’t make” I will call Bella for help I’m sure she will be willing to help me.

Don’t leave me Nicole please don’t, you can’t leave, you can’t

I paused, I was shocked, is that Bryan’s voice or someone else’s. I turned around only to see him bleeding…

Oh my God, Bryan you are bleeding

Stay tuned for Episode 17 next week Wednesday.

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