In Love with The Devil- Episode 11

Bryan’s POV

I was sitting in the private jet alone, Tony hasn’t arrived yet, it then got me thinking about Nicole…my phone wasn’t able to help.

I was waiting for her to come back home last night ’cause I was really worried about her and I know very well the kind of person Tony is. How could she just go to his house like that and would think it is safe with him. She is so fucking naive. It is like I don’t trust Tony but still.

I couldn’t even close my eyes for a second, when she came back I was very angry, and that’s why I did what I did to he. We were close again I hate been close to her body, my grip on her made me realize how soft her body is. I look down at her neck, darm! If only I could place my lips on it.

When she released herself, I don’t know why my body felt so strange, like my body was cold. I was angry to hear that she had fun with Tony.

And when she said she was leaving, I felt my heart jump. Why?

I can never in my life raise my hand to hit a woman, I should have just apologized and told her it was a mistake but my ego was getting in the way, I didn’t want her to feel like I cared about her.

Why Nicole? Why do you affect me so badly.

I heard a sound behind me but ignored it, then came the footsteps, I knew it was Tony and when he sat beside me I looked over at him, he was putting on an Armani suit with his sunglasses on. He place his head on the soft seat and remove his sun glasses.


Hey” he said coldly.

Tony come on we can’t stop talking to each other because of a woman

He squinted at me and rolled his eyes.


Hey I said I’m sorry ” I threw the chips in front of me at him.

Hey what the fuck…” He took the chips in front of me and threw a little at me back, then he adjusted himself and started eating the chips.

Dude that’s mine

Well you didn’t want it” he said with a smirk.


Sir we are about to take off so please use your seatbelt and…

Well it seems that problem is solved.


I was now in my room in the hotel we booked and relaxing in my bathtub when I felt hands on my center, I opened my eyes mediately and saw a very shining, obviously soft and smooth lap, tracing it up to her entire body, she was wearing a fucking sexy night gown ( A/N whatever you want to imagine it is😣) and then she was smiling devilishly at me… What the fuck is she doing here?.

Stella what the hell are you doing here?

I came to surprise you babe” she then took off her night gown and entered the bathtub. “Stella no, not now….no

She place her index finger on my lips “shhh no excuses hon…no excuses“.


I heard a knock on my door, I groan, got out of bed lazy, pushing Stella away from my body. I walked very slowly towards the door and the knock became harder.

Dude are you fucking still sleeping
It was Tony’s voice.

I’m coming, I’m coming” I reached for the door and opened it.

Woah dude…” Tony took his face away Immediately “you could have at least grabbed a short or something

I looked down and look up back, didn’t care.

Why? My dick isn’t big enough?” I said while Tony chuckled.

We need to check the hotel now and then you can go and have fun all you want“.

Ugh“. I closed the door and then turned to the bed.

Stella wake up” I said smacking her ass.


Ugh asshole, I will get out of your room just give me an hour pleassse

Okay” I said going into the bathroom.

I left for the hotel and I made sure Stella left before I did. I don’t want her to feel at home at all, I didn’t bother asking how she knew where I was ’cause its pretty obvious.

After checking out the hotel and making sure everything was in order, I and Tony went to chill at a restaurant near by, when Tony started talking.

You know New York is a nice place to live in.


Yeah I know right, you come back if you want” I said, knowing he was based in New York before. I tried getting to know why he left but he never told me anything, he most times gives false excuses.

Na I was born in Cham so I will stay in Cham“.

Okay if you say so” I said sipping my soda and not pushing further.

Uhm sorry can I have a moment with you please?” a female voice said to me from behind, her voice sounded so familiar.

I turned to see and I was shocked at the sight in front of me, Am I dreaming? What the hell is going on? Or does she just look like her?

Bryan?!” She said very lowly, it was like a question filled with excitement, filled with hope, filled with love.


You?” I said lowly too, trying to calm myself, my head spinning at the same time, how is this possible? It can’t be, this is just my imagination. But it has been so long why now?. I’m so fucking confused.

We were both starring at each other speechless.

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