In Love with the Devil; Episode 10

Nicole’s pov

Wow so when do you have time to go for your sewing classes and normal classes” Tony said.

Well yeah I do, ’cause my sewing classes is at night

Then when do you get to study?


Woah! Do you even sleep” Tony asked bewildered.


I let out a light chuckle seeing his expression. “Well yeah, see it like this three hours for sewing classes, and three hours before sleeping.

Oh, so you don’t have late classes, I mean school…“.

Sometimes” I shrugged, I have no idea why I’m telling him about me, I’m not supposed to trust this guy. Why can’t I shut up?. “Now it is my turn to ask questions.

Na! I’m not done yet, what is your favorite color and how old are you?“.

Blue and twenty two, you?” Good.

I’m twenty six and my favourite is black“.

And what is your dream“.

Well as a kid I dreamt of being a pilot, you know flying into the sky is something to be amazed about…” I was really interested to know more about him, I smiled at his childish expression and lean forward. “Flying into the sky would be so cool, I thought as a kid. But then I watched a movie where the pilot died in a plain crash ’cause he wasn’t careful so I told myself no I don’t want to be a pilot, then I was interested in being a dancer…

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes and straighten up “wait a dancer?

Yeah! I watched a movie where a guy was a dancer and he meet the love of his life through dancing so I thought I could find the love of my life through dancing to” why does this seem too fake.

You’re kidding right?


No… Ah I’m sharing my long hidden truth with you, why would I be kidding.” He asked looking confused.

Sorry but you don’t look like someone with such a background.” I chuckled.

He smirked “wait till you hear Bryan’s background?

Wait does he have such a background too”.

I don’t know, let’s not talk about Bryan.

So do you know how to dance?” I asked referring to what he was saying earlier, feeling he was right about not talking about Bryan.

Yope, you wanna see me dance?



Okay” he pulled me to the sitting room. Tony wasn’t wearing a suit so it was okay for him to dance. He played a song and started jamming to it.

I couldn’t help it when he played the song I love the most … Hot girl summer.

I couldn’t help but whine all the way and shake my hips up and down, side by side, dancing non stop I didn’t care that Tony was there I was so happy to dance again. Yeah my secret is out now I can dance🤗.


The music stopped and I saw that Tony had stopped it and was looking at me with absolute astonishment.

Well… Well… Well I guess I found that woman.

Oh how dare you?“. I joked and blushed.

Tony laughed and was going towards the sofa. Oh fuck I have to do what I came here for.

Ah I need to go to the restroom“.

Oh ok I will show you” he took me there and then left. I peeped to see if he really went and walked if I would see anything room like an office or library and when I walked further in, I saw a glass door and opened it then boom a very very very scattered office appeared in front of me. Oh shit!.



It was messy but I managed to search and search but I found nothing and I heard Tony asking if I was okay so I had to run back and stand by the side of the restroom saying I am fine.

I’m going to call Harry and ask him about his investigation if he found anything. And now I’m in front of someone’s house, I wouldn’t have to explain why I’m living with Bryan, I waved Tony bye and he drove off.

I walked from Mardan to Dowan to Bryan’s house on opening the door , I felt a hand pull and slam me against the door helping to close the door firmly.


Where the heck were you? Where did Tony take you too? What in the world were you doing with him?” Bryan yelled with his grip tightened, his face resting on mine. Fuck, fucking, fuck.

I…was” I was so uncomfortable, I don’t like the way our lips was so close, I don’t want to go through what I went through this afternoon again. As soon as Bryan relieved me a little bit (why did I feel he got distracted by something) I released my self and moved far away from him.


I was with Tony and to his house and also having fun” I answered his questions with a smile on my face.

Why the hell will you do that with him?” he yelled again.

I’m sorry Mr wright but you have no business with my personal life

You are living in my house and…

I will be leaving tomorrow sir” I have no idea why I’m feeling too confident.


You’re leaving?“.

I turned around to see Nina on the stairs, oh God what will I do now. She ran towards me and hugged me.

Please don’t leave me please don’t please” her voice was shivering and she started crying. “Please, please

Alright… It okay… I … Won’t leave now… But you know I can’t stay here forever“.

Still crying “tha…thank you

I bent down and hugged her and then Bryan left the awkward room angrily.


I called Larry and he told me he found nothing, I don’t think its Tony. I need to check on the other partners of the company.

Nina was in my room we weren’t sleeping but playing a game on her phone and we were so into the game we didn’t realize Bryan had been knocking on the door until he hit the door so hard it felt like the ground shaked a little.

I ran towards the door and opened it, he was about to knock on the door again and then the blow landed on my nose and it hurts so bad “ahhhhhhh” I screamed. I touch my nose and saw it was bleeding, fuuuccck

I looked up only to see Bryan raising his eyebrow, is he seriously not going to apologise.

Why the heck weren’t you opening the door?” He yelled at me.

Nina came to me and saw that my nose was bleeding “oh my God, you’re bleeding I will get you the aid box“. Nina was about to leave when Bryan pulled her back…


I want to talk to you Nina.” He said.

I’ll be right back, I just need to get Nicky the first aid box first“.

I said I wanna talk so you listen to me first

Ugh okay what is it huh? You’re traveling tomorrow, so I should behave myself and also behave very well in school, right? Okay no worries I’ll do just that… Now I have to go get…

Hey don’t talk to him like that…” I scolded.

If he had apologized for hitting you earlier and letting me go get you a first aid box, I wouldn’t be rude to him

It was a mistake Nina

So that’s why he can’t say sorry? Oh please Nicky” she said folding her hand on her chest.

I looked at Bryan and I was sure that I saw guilt written all over his face and then he just walk away.

See, ugh I have no idea who that is, that’s not my brother” Nina said frowning as she watched him leave. I peep at Bryan and saw that he paused and continued walking.

Hey, why were you so rude to him huh?” I asked nudging my head forward.

Forget it I’ll get you…

No I’ll get the first aid box myself and you’ll go and apologize to your brother, you and I know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it cover’ don’t you?

Nina rolled her eyes “ughhh okay

I smiled as she walked very slowly with her hands dropped and bending down.

Heyyy” I scolded.

I’m going , I’m going” she said now walking faster. I have no idea why Bryan acts this way with me. It hurts it hurts so much. I’m really pained. Ugh, what is it that I feel for Bryan why does my heart beat anytime you’re around me and even if you hurt me I forget about thinking it must be for another reason. Why do you hate me so much Bryan? , why?

Bryan’s POV


I’m so sorry Nicole I…I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. Fuck I thought I was telling her but stupid voice wasn’t coming out but I was saying it in my mind.

I didn’t want her to feel like I cared but yes I cared, my hand iched to help her but I couldn’t. Why would she go on a date with Tony and Tony is not even picking my calls, fuck! Just because of Nicole arrgh I’m so fucking pained.

I can’t be affected by Nicole anymore, no, no I just can’t , I have to hate her.

Nina was right I should have apologized, she was defending me even after what I did to her. Why does she seem so different from the way she was in Cham.

I have to hate you Nicole not admire you ugh? But she’s at fault too, I was gently knocking for too long and no one came to open the door.

Dammit she was bleeding.

I was packing my bag when Nina came into the room.

Why didn’t you knock?” I asked

Sorry the door was opened.

Why are you here?

She walked further in with her hands folded forward.


I’m sorry for being rude… I didn’t mean too” she said, I smiled knowing she would not apologised if she wasn’t forced to. Nicole.

It okay” I said zipping up my bag.

You know, you could have just said the same to Nicky

Ugh please Nina I …

No no I’m not arguing with you I’m just telling you and I observed something you’ve changed a lot since she started leaving here and I don’t like it” with that Nina left leaving me speechless.

Episode 11 will be available to read next week Wednesday. Please stay tuned.

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