These verses I write is not to seek attention.
No I don’t mind what you think cause I know my true intention.
Once I was a child but now I’ve grown.
I wrote these words that later you could ask if they are truly my own.

Almost everyday I wonder when I’ll fall in love.
Its not child’s play and I know I’ve got to put on my maturity glove.
I wait and watch not to make a mistake.
Because I don’t want to do anything to a girl, that might make her heart break.

What I imagine is not someone to be with me for the satisfaction of sex.
What I want is a partner to hug after she had made me vex.
My pillar that I can rest on when I feel stressed.
Someone that gets me when I find my self in distress.


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“Life has the ultimate power of remodelling your very core. Do not let the world take away your soul. Hence, do not allow the wickedness of this world change who you are, for if it does, you loose your purpose. One becomes a wonderer, opened to the looming destruction.” JECINTA POWELL Take my hands he […]

In Her Blu

With the use of poetry I like to share my emotionsTo give y’all a piece of my heart’s notionI tell of a girl, no sorry I mean my crushI want to handle my feeling slow and steadyI want to know when I am ready cause I don’t want to rush. To be honest I talked […]


Life is a blank ChequeShe has everythingBut you must take what it is you want from herLife is a tripYou must be careful not to fallLife is goldenYou must obtain the prizeHer medals are yoursBut you must run the raceLife is funnyYou mustn’t laugh at her jokesShe doesn’t want you frowningYou must have the spice […]

Garden of Eden- A Promise Letter

Dearly Beloved, Who’s father’s name is written in stonesWelcome to a favourable new landWhere it is greener than the other sideWhen truth prevails and conquersYour chariots are well received, come, followFair maidens are psyched to cater, to loosen your robeWater, in readiness to alleviate those fatigued limbs and shouldersA gold tub is steaming uncontrollably, incense […]


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