Once upon a time
on the timeline of mankind
when innocence was at it’s purest
when love knows no hate
and joy was yet to come across pain
when happiness knew not sadness
and healthiness couldn’t conceive what was called illness
when all that was good couldn’t perceive anything less
the only thing to phatom was the beauty of life and communion between The Master and Man
when strife and struggle were yet to crawl into existence
and words like shame and guilt were yet to be framed.

Once upon a time
when man was yet to be named sinful
when evil was yet to sting the bloodline of mankind
and lurk within the DNA of his descendants
all man knew was innocence dominion and perfection
no knowledge of good and evil
Man created in the image and likeness of his Master
he was made to function and exist as master
Master over the earth
But then, there was an evil invasion
The apocalypse of doom
The unveiling of lies,of all things untrue
not part of the Masters plan
Darkness creeping into creation
the dawn of man’s identity crisis was about to emerge
The battle of will and purpose was about to set in.

What was man going to stand for?
Was man going to live up to the masterlike intent nature meant for him or was he going to fall short?
What exactly was mankind going to give in to?
was it obedience to instructions to keep his sanity and glory
or was it selfishness, curiosity for self-mastery?
was it the followership of the Master’s divine plan or a self discovery path that led to human deficiency?
was it the continuity of fellowship, communion between the Master and man
or the self created beliefs called religions that tore man further apart?
Man lost it, slipped and fell
fell from glorious to sinful
from free to enslaved
from perfect to damned
and the only thing left to bear was the curse.

The curse of death that killed not only the flesh but perverted everything that was within
It had it’s root so deep it bore fruits evil of everything that was good and that was how
truth found lies
strength met weakness
hate became the new Love
corruption, man’s effectual communication and it’s fruitfulness was evident
This isn’t just a chronicle of action
It was the revelation of man’s debased nature
called SIN
being that the wages of sin is death
everything man touched and that man was from then henceforth had a side to it that must die
a side that produces death
So, all unflawed became blemished.

But the Master couldn’t bear to see his beloved creation perish
out of his image and likeness was man framed
woven into existence from the breath that resides in his lungs
there had to be a plan
a saving plan
A plan of which the master to put on flesh and blood
to walk amongst us
to become one of us
to put on sin, that we gave birth to
to get stained with the effects of the curses we created for ourselves
to get afflicted with the poverty and sicknesses we chose to walk into
But, then
He wore this deadly fashions with so much love
Even if it was stitched for the death of him
Only a pure blood spilled could
make all evil GOOD and all good PERFECT

As he walked through this Earth
100% man & 100% God
Man failed to come to the awareness of who was with them – Emmanuel
For every good He did, man paid with a bad coin
For every lame He made walk, they sought to break his own legs
For every truth He told they labelled Him a liar
until they sought to kill Him
The Master came to His own but His own knew Him not
they plotted against him
drafted his death
marched against him
With so much hate for each pound of love he freely gave
convicted of felonies His innocence would never conform to
His perfection touched imperfections
battered bruised and stained with false accusations
He was charged as guilty, He wasn’t guilty as charged,
They led him to a place of skull where he was to be crucified
with Him bearing a cross that had the weight of the world
you could see the bloodstream of pain he was in
as flesh left his skin with each stroke that struck his back
mockery of Him played as theme song
lashes of whips on him made pleasant symphonies to the ears of man’s heart
This Blood thirsty mob kept at their hunger
until they began to drill nails through His hands and feet as if the missing merchandise was down the hole
He was nailed to the cross with a crown of thorns that copied cat His kingship
hung up there 3 hours with fire from the sun raining on him
accompanied by another 3 hours of thick darkness
It was in this hours that eternity was compressed
and the Master said

The rift between the Master and Man was sealed
The spiritual separation between Master and Man was bridged
but man went ahead to pierce His side with a spear
and a river of blood and water gushed out
What Man didn’t know was this;
When He was dying, He was dying for us
A perfect sacrifice for the atonement of our sins
future present and past
A river blood bank that bleed out the color of our transgressions
For each flesh torn of His, he had sin ripped from the cells of our Bloodline
by each stripes of whip labelled on him, we were healed
He took our illness to give us divine health
raided poverty to invade us with prosperity
went to the city of death to rip its Gates off it’s hinges
Conquered it and brought us the keys to life
Life eternal, Life in abundance, Life supernatural
Life, found only in CHRIST


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  1. Hallelujah!
    He has won the victory……
    All this and more you did for me My Jesus!
    Your Love is Excess……
    Thank you the only one who deserve my praise!
    The Only one who deserve my worship!

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