Coronavirus plus Racism Pandemic equals A Cold War

These very difficult times have yet again been hit hard with more difficulties. As we fight dearly for our lives in a war against an invisible enemy on our physical health, another ugly war on our mental health hits without notice on our intelligence, as defiant reactions from the killing of George Floyd spreads. A war that is yet to be won has surfaced again, a trauma that is as old as America. This racism pandemic continues to plague black Americans and blacks all over the world. It is more disheartening that amidst such a critical time, racism decides to show its face.

Racism is as old as America.

The Corona virus is taking a deadly toll on lives and, the protests are increasing the level of disorderliness. Hence, the pressure on our mental health is worsening even more. Many crucial questions have risen up yet again and many know that very little will change. Such a knowledge is why this is a moment of such great pain and grief. A Cold War! An unforgettable one!

How do we move from this? Will this ever end?

Uncertainties are brewing in large scales, even tougher on the black race as the grief and anger surrounding the sudden death of George worsens, for the fact being that he is however not the first and will not be the last black man living and dying in America due to systematic racism. Let us not be naive, this is a long standing problem. We were just opportune to have witnessed his death in broad daylight under the knee of a racist cop. To see the magnitude of hate most of us carry around due to segregation is disgusting. We say problems such as exclusion are the reasons why we despise and attack our fellow men, but I say it is a lie from the pit of hell. We individually have a choice, to choose love; seeing ourselves as the same regardless of what the world served us for dinner; slavery.

Yes, George was wrong but was that enough for the show off. Was the issue enough for a grown man to cry for his mama, to beg to see tomorrow, a day that was already given to him for free, yet you take it! It was not enough to take his life, but enough to put down pride. Put down riffles and give life a chance. Put down racisms and look a brother in the eye. Sweep out hate and plant compassion instead. It was a simple choice Derek Chauvin refused to make. Without a care in the world, for almost nine minutes Chauvin left his knee on Floyd’s neck.

Who is the boss now? You?

Who is the boss now Derek? Are you the boss? A man with many balls! It was terror-stricken and double heartbreaking to watch Derek’s pose. Should we clap for your pose Derek? Your position sure showed its weight on the neck of a defenceless man. Could that pose have seen the light of day if there were no handcuffs and uniforms? We will pose too, put our hands in our pockets and kneel the same way you did, but not on a life, but as a sign to end discrimination and forge harmony. For we know better. Derek is certainly not the boss of anyone because of his colour or uniform, he was certainly one of the bad eggs in a crate.

Enough of this madness

We cannot continue to feel this pain, to watch this horror unfold. What you do to every black man, you do to all the race across the world. You might think it is subjecting, but it is objectifying. That was a human being. We have taken enough, we have bled enough, our mothers have cried enough. Stop this! Stop it! Stop doing this to blacks! It is not an illusion, it is real. We can see it better now. The world is watching. We are your daughters and sons as well, two eyes, two feet, two hands, one head, just a different colour. We are your friends, teachers and colleagues as well, dependable, resilient, workable, confidant, reliable, just a different colour and a different hair. It is not a deficient. Treat us better. Stop this show of madness. It has aired for far too long.

We are all the same.

In solidarity, I stand against racisms as I too have witnessed some sort of racism of my own. Here it is called tribalism. Where we are judged by our languages; state of origin. Also our looks give us up too. Looking like a particular tribe gives one up for an automatic disqualification, while speaking a certain language gives leverage over another. Perceptions fuelled by skin tones and acceptance nurtured by class. The world is becoming so cold. So mean! Sometimes I wonder if the devil seats. The level of hatred is on an all time high. This discrimination transcends a white and black situation, it is also a black and black scenario. Blacks who have established superiority within tribes and hatred amongst tribes. Therefore, it is not a black and white thing, but our hearts as human beings towards another.

Systematic Racism in America is a thing is shame.

Racism in America is a painful situation and even if I cannot fully relate, yet we must heal. This is a cry to make better ourselves, to heal the world. To focus on what is most important. To be of a sound mind. To love ourselves. To preach forgiveness and, protect ourselves and others regardless of colour. In no situation should we accept vandalism and threat to life. All lives matter. Anger never solves anything. Therefore, let us make our claims known without destructions. Let us not be Derek! Let our generation yearn the act of being a brother’s keeper, for past generations have failed the universe for presenting a nightmare of a picture in George’s demise.

We must stand by the words that reflect basic fairness to all citizens equally, after we have broken free from a chant of freedom, after we are done retweeting hashtags. In our neighbourhoods, we should act similarly to how we support online, come together to support the black race and mostly not to fight a common enemy.

X pj

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