Dining in Hades; Episode 2

Chronicles of a high profile gigolo

For someone who stumbled upon this occupation – scratch that and make it lifestyle- for someone who stumble upon this lifestyle without any form of training from a mentor or role model, I think I have done really great so far. This life wasn’t embraced by design, it just happened or well maybe not just happened per se. It was my aunty Hauwa’s Friend Aisha, I was in Abuja at the time. Was it really Aisha?(I called her Aunty Aisha unless we were alone). I really think it’s Georgina, Aisha’s friend; let me explain.

I was at Aunty Hauwa’s one evening, my parents were out of town, I think I just turned nineteen or was it eighteen? Anyways, my aunt wasn’t home and I was watching an x-rated movie as most boys that age are wont to do. Aunty Hauwa wasn’t due back home for at least five hours so I was totally relaxed and was therefore more than shocked when Aisha walked in. I shot out of my seat frantically working the remotes to switch off the TV and the DVD player, well the TV went off but not so fast with the DVD which unfortunately had its own speakers so she stood there gaping while loud moans emanated from the damned thing.

I eventually got the thing to shut up and in my flustered embarrassment; I noticed that she hadn’t stopped gaping. I was now thoroughly embarrassed but something was amiss here. I followed her eyes and when I saw where they were turned, I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed and stand there or ashamed and run off.

Aunty Aisha’s eyes were glued to my crotch, in all of this, the thing remained rock solid and was very obvious as I was clad only in my boxers. My embarrassment deepened and my ears flamed as I crossed my hands over the offending sight. She swallowed hard and tore her eyes away from it. I say tore because you could actually see the effort it took her to do this. I went to an all-boys school and I was always unwilling to strip in front of other boys because of the jokes that part of my anatomy generated. I was called a half horse, a half donkey, “Roddy Piper” among a host of other names. It was a joke among young boys and I assumed it would be a joke with everyone else.

As I grew up, I would come to find out it was not a joke, particularly to the opposite sex. In fact, it was the exact opposite of a joke.
Aisha tried to speak but the first two attempts to do so came out as croaks and she had to clear her throat severally before she was finally able to speak.
“Your aunt?” she asked.
“She’s away aunty.” My embarrassment was still full blown and I averted my eyes as I responded.
“How soon will she be back?”
“About eight aunty”

She cleared her throat again “That…” she trailed away, gesturing at the TV set as she continued “thing, does she know you watch that in her house?”
I shook my head mutely dropping my hanging head even further and was therefore unaware that she was moving towards me until she stood right there in front of me. It was not my first time as during my time at home after the secondary school leaving examinations, I had a couple of frolics with a couple of girls who lived in the estate where I resided with my parents who were still together at the time. Those escapes however were just that; “escapades” they were rushed with little or no attention paid to detail. The pumping of hearts were more from fear of being caught than passion. With Aisha however it was a totally different matter. When I attempted to rush it, she slowed me down, making sure she showed me what she wanted and ensuring I learnt how to give it. It was the first time I would have real sex.

It became a regular thing, albeit it was well hidden thing. The first time Aisha gave me money was when I resumed at the University of Ibadan. My dad provided everything I needed so Aisha’s cash boost meant a lot more clothes, shoes and money to throw around. She could afford it; she was attached to the managing director in one of an oil servicing firm at the time and had little or no responsibility. Throughout my years at the university, we carried on like this. She would send me money at least once a month and she would have me sneak into Lagos at least twice a month for trysts at her place.

Aisha was insatiable but I certainly wasn’t complaining. I was having fun and getting some extra cash along the way. I however never saw it as payment for services, she was after all “Aunty” to me and she could have given me some extra cash irrespective of our thing or maybe not. Anyways I never saw it as something that would alter the course of my life. 
Actually it wasn’t my affair with Aisha that tailored me for this lifestyle. If the thing with her had continued, I would probably have grown into a regular adult with a 9 to 5 job, or at least a regular means of livelihood. I didn’t think I could have more than one woman having an affair with me and at the same time giving me money. It was Georgina who let me know this was doable; I had graduated, done my masters in the United Kingdom and only just returned to Nigeria.

My thing with Aisha had slowed down but hadn’t come to a stop, we only saw each other thrice during my post graduate year, she came to the UK twice and I came home once, I spent two whole days at her place before I went home. It was ridiculous, mum had insisted on coming to pick me up at the airport so I gave her a date two days later than I was due to arrive and then Aisha had to drop me off at the airport where I pretended to just be arriving, it was hilarious. Aisha had left that oil serving firm for an even more lucrative position in yet another oil servicing firm but I guess I had too had come to a place where I could cater for myself, in her eyes because this time, she didn’t offer me money, she simply got me a number of expensive items, perfumes, shirts, shoes, belts, even had a tailor make some really nice native wears.

I was thrilled because really they were nice. I however wasn’t thrilled for long, a few weeks at home with my parents showed me I needed money more than clothes; well maybe not exactly more than I needed good clothes and accessories – the need to look good is very important as well but still is just a means to an end. Dad just wanted to get me a Job, or rather, he wanted me to join his firm; auditing, I hate it, had to bear it while at school, holiday jobs and all.

Auditing is just dreary and then the people who work for dad, his generals, for all the money they made, Mr Linus, Mr Opeoluwa, Mrs Angelina, they had to have the titles added to their names, they all looked beaten by life, dead coats hanging from their shoulders, thick glasses hanging at the tip of their noses. Life passed this people by, I would never be like that. I wanted to work in an organisation where people looked good, felt good, smelt good, called their GMD by his or her first name and still got paid loads of cash.

Yes dad was an auditor too, one of the biggest in the country, but I didn’t know many auditors who were like him. He knew how to live the good life, he dressed well, his taste in women was and is still impeccable. He resigned as MD/CEO J.A.G Holdings when he turned sixty five (auditing was not the only thing he had going) but he is still the chairman of the group. He told everyone he just wanted to relax and take things easy, three women and uncountable trips later and it became obvious he just wanted to spend his money. He had always had his women, but they were always on the side till mum left him. His philandering ways made her leave, many Nigerian women would turn a blind eye, as long as you did not throw it in their faces and kept them well catered for; not mum, she is proud.

She is quiet but very proud, dad is proud too, but not so quiet. Mum told him she knew about his women shortly after my return to Nigeria, put irrefutable facts out there, facts spanning almost a decade, dad didn’t try to deny it. He apologised, and he meant it, she knew he meant it, but she knew he wouldn’t stop, that he couldn’t stop. I wanted to get up and leave, I didn’t want this conversation to take place in front of me, I understood why mum started talking about this while I was seated there; she didn’t want to have to talk to him and then have to explain anything to me.

She didn’t raise her voice, her words came out in a monotone, but still showed years of pain and anger. He didn’t try to interrupt, he simply apologised and I could tell he meant it and I know she could tell too, but all three of us knew on some level that he wasn’t going to stop. He would become more discreet yes, but he wasn’t going to stop, this is who dad is. Neither dad nor I was however prepared for it when she said she was leaving; “I am leaving she said.” No rise in her tone, no change in inflection, nothing. It was just a simple statement, I wished I wasn’t back home from the UK but I realized she would have waited , she waited this long so I was in good stead in life before she left. She was gone the following day, we stood watching dad and I.

He was red eyed, he was up all night, I could hear him from my bedroom all night, pleading, cajoling, threatening; not once did I hear mum’s voice. The movers were efficient and in no time she was gone. I visited her that same day, she must have planned it well ahead, the place was well appointed, it didn’t look lived in but it looked ready to live in. I didn’t know how I felt, I had always known them together, they fit well with each other and even though I always felt something was amiss, they had always made it work. I slept over at Aisha’s, I just felt that my parents’/dad’s house would feel hollow that particular night.

It was the following that Georgina came into the picture. There was a family gathering, a pre-wedding thing, an introduction I think, mum and dad were there, keeping up appearances, they hadn’t yet announced their separation yet and only a select few knew about it. Aisha and Georgina were there as Aunt Hauwa’s guests. I spoke with them just like I spoke with a dozen other guests, playing eye footie with Aisha. I had spoken with her over the week, stylishly dropping hints that I needed cash, I had never had to ask but I think she assumed that now that I was done with school, she wouldn’t have to throw cash my way any longer.  She caught my eye, signaled me to follow her as she walked towards the main building and I followed shortly afterwards, it was my uncle’s place.

Aunty Hauwa used to stay there when she was still a student and back then, Aisha had slept over more than once. I walked faster once I was out of sight of the crowd and as I walked into the empty reception area of the building, she grabbed me, pulling me to herself, kissing me on the lips as she tapped my bum. I grabbed her bum but dropped my hand almost immediately.

Over Aisha’s shoulder as we held on to each other, I could see Georgina – I called her Aunty Georgina back then- walk to the room, the rug was piled and if I wasn’t looking in her direction I wouldn’t have known she was in the room, she threw her head back in surprise and then her face took on a small cheeky smile, a wink and she back tracked but not before she saw Aisha – who was oblivious of the drama going on- pass me a cheque leaf.

Eventually we were back with the crowd and I did my best to avoid Aunty Georgina, but she eventually found me standing alone at the food stand. 
“Ahem” she cleared her throat and I jumped, my neck bristled with embarrassment, I had no idea what she was going to say or what my response would be

“So how are you fitting back into Nigeria.”
“Very fine thank you.” I refused to look at her but I could detect a hint of amusement in her voice.
“You’re working in your dad’s firm?”
“No Aunty”
“I’m still trying to get something but I don’t really dig the auditing thing and he won’t put me in any of the other companies in the group.” I was running my mouth because I felt the need to fill in the awkward silences that followed her questions.

“I could get you some contracts in the ministry you know?” I looked at her this time, unsure of what to make of this.
“Yes, I am attached to the perm. Sec. so I can get a lot done in the ministry where I am seconded to.”There was a pause, I didn’t know what to say, I knew I should thank her, but I still didn’t know what to make of this offer, seeing as I was not a contractor or anything like that and especially after she just saw me in that position with her friend.
She waited so I finally said; “Thank you Aunty, I would really appreciate it.”

“Drop the Aunty abeg, do you call her aunty?” her voice had dropped several notches but she had a bright smile in place.
“Okay Aunty”
“How much is on that cheque?” she didn’t wait for my response “I’m sure you’ll get a lot more from these contracts, of course you’d have to front for me, seeing as I’d have to bankroll them and tell you what to do.”
“Okay Aunty, thanks”
“It’s Georgina” her voice dropped even lower.
“Georgina” My voice was lower than hers.
“Well whatever she gives you, I am sure you will make loads more from this, trust me.”
“Oh it will be a pleasure, you will take care of me while I take of you. ”I stayed mute.
“Unless of course you are satisfied with the handouts she gives you, you will leave her and I’ll take care of you.” She left with a bounce.

Two days later I got a call from her to come and pick up an LPO, I dressed to impress and showed up at her office. Ministries; I’ll never work in one of those, rough environment and offices unless you were really high up although I do have to say even the lowliest of the staff wield an unreasonable amount of power. I would learn this soon enough. Georgina handed me documents on the letterhead of a company I had no idea existed, one of the several companies in whose names we would procure and execute several contracts. An hour later, I was holding an LPO, I had no idea how to go about executing this contract but the figure on it pleased me greatly even though I knew I would only be getting a fraction of it. She walked me to the entrance of the office she shared with about four other people and told me to see her at her place later in the day.

Needless to say, nothing about the LPO was discussed when I got there, there was something else that had to be attended to first. She had me where she wanted me, I on the other hand felt like Aisha had only been feeding me fish all this while and Georgina just showed me how to catch fish. It was pleasure she wanted that night and pleasure I was going to give. I didn’t stop until she was sated, until she could take no more, until I knew I had her hooked and until I knew she would keep coming for more. I set out to impress her with my sexual prowess and impress her I did. I could tell from the tired but pleased look on her face also told me that not only was she greatly satisfied, but also that my fraction of the LPO proceeds just increased.


Continues next week Friday. Stay tuned for Episode 3.

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  1. This will be nice to have at least 2 of this in a week. So interesting that I keep refreshing for more. Kudos to the writer


  2. Oh my God I can’t wait for another episode this is extraordinary…Kudos to the writer please make it twice a week


  3. Oh my God I can’t wait for another episode this is extraordinary…Kudos to the writer please make it twice a week


  4. Wow! I can’t wait to read the next episode. You don’t need to give your body away before you achieve your goal. You really need to havedetermination, be focus and be hardworking. Interesting story.


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