Eliminate the Anxiety Disorder of COVID-19

It is only typical to give into fear, given the constant breaking news over the surging rates of new cases and deaths from the coronavirus. And the fake news being initiated and forwarded through social media platforms have also contributed to the increasing anxiety across all social classes and ages. The fear of coronavirus around the world has resulted to impulsive buying of drugs, food, water, toilet papers, rechargeable batteries and anything that is considered for survival. To many, the world is about to end. Greatly underestimated, the impacts of stress and anxiety are more often than not.

Fear of the Coronavirus

Families are scared. Businesses are devastated. Most people around the world are standing on shaky, unfamiliar grounds, therefore suffering from heightened stress levels. From full-blown panic attacks to difficulty in breathing, people are on the edge, feeling tensed and uncertain. There is a ticking clock in our subconscious that has the power to cause a tremendous social unrest, which would evidently increase the death toll and lose of property, the exact plight the government is heavily trying to avoid.

Paying close attention to the creeping fear of the virus will only paralyse the grip on your emotions. Hence, an accumulation of the fear from internal and external stressors. This insurmountable feeling could overwhelm the spirit and body, making one act irrational at every reason or excuse, especially when inhabiting with loved ones. For others, especially the single individuals, anxiety can make them embrace unhappiness. Noticing the things that have fallen out of euphony with their needs and wants. Hence, punishing oneself for these sad discoveries, by either smoking, an excessive intake of alcohol or eating to ease depression.

The exacerbated feelings of stress within the body during these times will or may mostly preoccupy our minds with excessive self-doubt, unnecessary worries and obsessive ruminations. But we have a choice to also stay calm, calculative, confident and hopeful.

I know that there are visible and unquestionably reasons to panic because the world looks very different, but in my opinion I think that we must eliminate fear by all means necessary, since it is without a doubt that fear mostly brings panic that may result to suffering or sudden death. A demise that will not in anyway be affiliated to the coronavirus. A record that could have been avoided if we stayed serene.

social distancing

In addition, I cannot tell you not to be afraid, but I can tell you that you have nothing to be scared of. Withdrawal, isolation and disconnection does trigger stress responses, which often leads to increased feelings of hopelessness and emptiness. However, reasons for the quarantine are proven to limit the spread of the virus, protect people and keep you alive. So we all have to adhere to the laid out social-distancing instructions in our cities.

Collectively, our sanity is of utmost importance. We therefore need to discern the power of positive thinking. Uncover the real origin. Look directly at what is threatening you and why you are overreacting, then instead of being fearful, educate yourself through secured platforms on the available threats the disease poses and possible preventative measures to follow.

“Why fear, when the inevitable is certain and nobody can change it. Therefore, let go of fear. Everyone is a victim of what they fear.”

Eliminate Fear very minute.

Declutter the mind from the worse case scenario of COVID-19. Optimism on its own is a measure of staying alive and social-distancing is better than hand sanitisers and masks. Besides it will keep the pressure off the health sector. Listen to real time news, following updates from health organisations such as CDC, WHO, Red Cross and other reputable establishments. Further manage the symptoms of anxiety on a day-to-day basis by keeping tabs on loved ones, reading, painting, writing, drawing, working, planing, dancing, learning, binge-watching. These are some advisable ways of processing and releasing anxiety. Hobbies and new discoveries keeps the mind distracted and occupied. Hence, bringing your mind, body and spirit back together.

“A busy or creative mind hardly stores negativity. Hence, cannot be used as a vessel of fear.”

I will like to conclude by saying that these times are opportunities for self discovery and deep transformation. Also, it is better to spread love than hate due to the heightened sensitivity by some ethnicities. Feelings of worry, anxiety or fear will not make the situation better, instead return to God for help if you find yourself overwhelmed with what is at stake. Finally, we must remain united and protect our values. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay with your family.

X pj

YESSIN blogletter COVID-19
YESSIN blogletter COVID-19

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