The Future after COVID-19.

I do not know how true this caption below is, but I will use it as my case study……

We – all social classes, certainly have to re-evaluate a lot of perceptions in our daily lives. From what we see as most important to what is not supposed to be least important.

I think majority of us have lost our true essence and are only just trying to survive at this point. A junction where shame is unrecognizable, a gathering which encourages wastefulness and rebukes wisdom from the wise, to say the least.

Should I say pleasure, greed and emptiness have made us victims of ourselves. Well, we have evidently lost in chunks, and I am hopeful, praying we do not subsequently lose what is said to be left of our minds. For if it’s capacity is completely weakened, humankind will cease and trace lost forever.

The natural or manmade pandemic in recent times, is yet again an eye opener that we unequivocally do not have to start a physical war to end humanity. Therefore it is time to change the skewed ideologies in policies, societies, tradition, religion, etc. The hour to restore asceticism, duty and worth has to begin. A future meant to focus more on accomplishing the soul’s mission. A better future. A better life.

Also, as we disengage ourselves from the present, reflect on our past behaviors and are very unsure of our future…….

Jecinta Powell

The numbers keep raising. Again, stay safe guys and follow the preventative measures available to the public. In God we Trust! Also remember that…..

Jecinta Powell

This is who and what you should be fighting, and not your fellow men in these times. Spread love and give a helping hand during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Ask God to give you a forgiving heart, one that keeps no grudges, judges no one but loves with flaws and without expectations. And ask him to keep and protect you and your loved ones.

As such a heart is where Jesus dwells. Ask him to come into your heart today and be your Saviour.
Stay Safe!

X pj

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