TYL: Compassion without Reward.

“When I am compassionate towards you, please do not think you owe me anything. It is absolutely free of charge and you are allowed your opinions and behaviors.” X pj

YESSIN blogletter

I grew up learning that showing sympathy and concern for others obtains loyalty. More like a give and take situation. However 99% of the people you have aided will not return the favour. I had to unlearn this knowledge due to many unreassuring situations.

I love myself and my family too much to depend on people’s expected offerings, because later happenings mostly brings surprising facts which produces anxiety that might harbour resentment that could change my compassion towards others. So if you are the kind of person that derives joy in giving, then you should take note of this as it does apply to you.

People truly do not owe you that much because you assisted them at some point. I earlier learnt that true-heartedness, commitment and allegiance is free and when it is attached to something then it becomes slavery and unkind. If one intends on living a life without grudges, then give freely without expectations. There should be no reward for your good deeds. However if one expects favours to be returned, then it sure will become mentally draining in the long run. I hope he/she can deal with the mental drawback, whining less to the ears that needs feeding.

X pj

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