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Machines vs Humans; What will future Technology do to Humanity

We have learnt from time through many authors that humans have always shaped and extended themselves by virtue of technical tools and artefacts. This knowledge does correspond with modern times, as we continually seek ways to make life more meaningful through technology. Seeing that technology influences and constitutes human nature and existence, how well do we trust machines when compared with ourselves and what will future technology do to humanity.

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We mostly do not count the money dispensed to us by ATM machines, why is this so?

Would you rather have machine detectors or a human mechanic diagnose the problem in your car?

Are you safer when the pilot announces the autopilot has been engaged?

Are we more certain that our automated gates will open just in time before a gate watcher.

If such a time comes when machines can take up similar forms as humans, will you vote them into authority or will you stick with the human oppositions. These increasingly urgent questions needs to be taken with outmost concern.

If we were to conduct a research with easy-steps questionnaires, I am certain that the results “Humans trust machines more than themselves” won’t be far fetched. And why is this so. Due to the knowledge and expertise of machines, the efficient and reliable psychology which has been deposited in our brains, our thoughts have been programmed to believe that machines are more accurate, dependable and efficient than humans, since is does not have a conscience. Therefore it cannot become biased.

Technology, a significant benefit for humans.

It is also a fact that technology has significantly benefited mankind, made our lives easier, as it has improved health care, transportation, communication, education and learning process, businesses and many other infrastructures. However, the effects of technological advancement are both positive and negative. There are so many clear and hidden disadvantages surrounding the impact of technology. Lives are being monitored, medical errors are being made, bioelectric implants are being developed, genetic modification packages are open to the public and the ability to tamper with our very biology is certain.

As time passes on, my fear becomes more unresolved as to what the future relationships of machines and humans will become. Will it be mostly to our disadvantage, as it already looks like a promising technique of making people act in certain trustworthy manner toward machines. With such a blisteringly fast pace, developing so much faster than our culture and institutions as compared to previous eras, will it soon shape our world to an unknown place were it breaks the bonds that hold societies together?

Will technology totally change human existence, since potential revolutions in artificial intelligence and gene editing technologies are already changing what it is to be human. If a time comes when humans have to wear barcodes, will this be a progression to live a safer and better life or an impediment on human rights. We see machines taking away millions of jobs and allowing humans seek sublimity were there is none, will there be worse case scenarios. These question which needs answers are overwhelming.

Machines vs Humans

The implications of technologies are enormous and I am not just focusing on revolutionary technologies such as the internet, smartphones and computers, although comparable in impact they are not as powerful as bioengineering technologies which can force us to assess again what it means to be human.

Some say humans are using technology wrongly. And because of our weakness we are some way or the other utilising technology to our detriment. Arguing that we have further isolated ourselves, living in an optical illusion of perfection and rewarding exploitation. Hence, our bias and imprecations are rubbing off on technology and it’s usage.

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What do you think? Please share your views.

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  1. Along with the advancements in AI, I do think the ability of decision making will be enabled in them. For example, a robot performing a medical surgery. No one knows what will happen when they starts to think of their own.
    I can say what robots might do in future, but in an era where every human jobs are replaced by robots, I don’t know what humans will do.

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