Her Lost Coin.

Where could it be she wondered.
I just had it a minute ago, right here in my old wallet.
Was it two weeks or a month now? Oh God!
She seem not to recall when last she had seen it in a safe place.
Because it was an old wallet with a broken zipper,
She had left it just laying anywhere, even when there was a party in her house.

Sara a client representative, was just home from an auction of valuable jewels, antique coins and extraordinary shells. Her face pale with palms sweaty and slightly coloured, she looked distracted and worried, as a result of her thoughts playing costly tricks on the whereabouts of her coin.

With great strength, she flings her brand new purse towards the couch, not minding if it fell into the fireplace since her eyes were fixed and legs in a hurry towards the basement door.

Oh what happened to your brand new wallet Sara? The one you liked to display on the table Sara? You don’t want your purse anymore Sara? Whats the hurry for the broken-zip wallet Sara?


The coin was the most valuable item at the auction and almost everyone was waiting to bid on it, since its significance was made known to the bidding community a few weeks ago. Now aware it was not available, the bidders managed what was offered to them however wishing for the day the “black coin” would surface in the bulletproof-censored glass display that was surrounded with macho bodyguards. Due to the high rate in demand for this exceptional coin, the organisers knew it would be a groundbreaking auction to fetch an eye-watering figure if the owner was to sell it. To such a great extent they promised to inform the world of its relevance, usefulness and priceless value. Guess who was there seating in dismay, listening to the conductor and observing the crowd, SARA!

So obsessed with the brand new, she couldn’t see the value of what her old coin presented in this new-fashioned world. Upon recognising the worth of what she thought was valueless, a thing which could bring her stardom, peace, health and beauty all at once, Sara raced home. She has returned to her basement yet again, after tearing down her house in the past twelve days of searching for the coin that she would normally toss to any corner that was out of her sight.


In severe shock, Sara eventually left her job, her home, her friends, her family and everything thought to be of immense value to search for the BLACK COIN which her heavenly father had given her. Until such a time as now, she is still curious as to where it went and everywhere she travelled she looked for it on the floor, amongst the grass, in the sand, by the bank, in the train and on the bus regardless of the weather condition. Sara looked crazy but she knew she had to own it once again. It seemed to be what she had always wanted.

Who is with Sara’s coin?
Who saw its value before she did? and
What is the black coin?

X pj

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