Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance; Where is his Body?

It saddens my heart that we still live in a world were criticism, which one way or the other involves and produces new ideas and methods, cannot be taken by rulers of a people in a sensible and logical manner for the purpose of reviving a nation. Not everyone is expected to forcefully show approval or loudly applaud reforms that brings hardship, weakens freedom of speech and threatens humanity.

Just as much as a leader is passionate about ruling and enriching his people, the citizens also have the right to show compassion for their country, by either applauding his good deeds or condemning unfavourable social and economic policies that effect suffering on the masses. X pj


Owing to a career were he earned his reputation as a reformist by pushing the boundaries of critically questioning Saudi’s regional and domestic policies, Jamal Khashoggi was one of the most prominent Saudi and Arab journalists, and political commentators. Once close to an exclusive group of the Saudi royal family, he fled Saudi Arabia due to his controversial views which dared to address the issues of the current administration.

Lending his voice that has spanned nearly thirty years to attract attention to the crown prince’s economic policies and reforms at home, especially on the sudden and increasing arrests and repression of prominent Businessmen, Activists, Muslim leaders and Princes, Khashoggi was ordered to keep quiet. He felt the command was an insult and however continued to write and speak on what he thought was fair and ethical, advocating for freedom of speech in his country and criticising the flagrant disregard for basic human rights in the kingdom. To him, silence was not going to serve his country, any hope of political freedom or those unlawfully arrested and detained.

Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in turkey, with hopes of finalising his divorce from a previous marriage and returning to his new-found love who he intended to marry. But he never walked out of the door. His fiancée who was waiting outside in the car for him was the first who noticed his disappearance and raised an alarm. In a million years, he would never have thought his country which he sacrificed a lot for, could have treated him this way. He obviously had doubts, a risk which he knew might get him arrested, but not death, since a consulate is supposed to protect its citizens in foreign lands.


Saudi Arabia has admitted he was killed inside its consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul, saying he died in a brawl meant for an extradition operation, but made no mention of where his body was disposed. If this was truly a fight, where then is his body? More details have emerged about the alleged Saudi attempts to cover up the truth about the dissident journalist’s killing. Turkish officials have concluded that he was killed by a group of men who flew into turkey and back to Saudi on that same day. Furthermore, the city’s chief prosecutor claims he was strangled as soon as he entered the Saudi consulate. A death by suffocation and then his body was dismembered and dissolved with acid. However, the Saudi’s maintain his body is intact.

With regards to the disturbing news as seen on CNN almost everyday, I am of the opinion that this is a case of premeditated murder with a clear motive meant to be visible to the world, since it was perpetrated in a building in which it’s consul’s duties are carried out. A very compromising place of death which I am certain the order must have been given from someone of high authority. And I am still baffled as to why international communities are turning a blind eye to this one. President Trump who has since made it clear that the US will lose a substantial amount on existing trade deals, particularly the sale of weaponry, if they are to sanction or take actions against the oil rich Arab State.


With deep silence and calm, completely flummoxed by the whole incident, is the US now saying they would sit this one out because of the benefits enjoyed from Saudi Arabia. Is it business as usual? At present, this is a clear scenario of the US legislature regarding and treating inhuman cases due to their interest and not the original perceived notion of helping repressed countries clamp down dictators and oppressive regimes against humanity.

If truly khashoggi’s crime was being a mouth piece for the oppressed, owning to his sympathetic pity, concern for the sufferings and misfortune of others in his country, then this does not speak or represent Saudi Arabia in a good light for the rest of the world to witness. I am guessing that pretty soon, there will be a cover up and this story will be buried after secret agreements are made to benefit personal interest. However, if this is pursued at lengths to permit and warrant actions were justice is served, then I will forever applaud the countries investigating this crime for their relentless efforts and uncorrupt practises. In spite of this future possibility with a very happy ending, it will be extremely difficult to see an elephant case such as this kind, pass through a needle’s eye of power and money engraved around it’s entrance.

X pj

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