Reevaluating your reflection through people’s eyes.”The Public Mirror”


“When a child see’s shame in his mothers eyes, it should be a reflection of the disappointments she never planned for and a reason to summon changes in a person.” X pj

Even if it is something we detest, we should sometimes see ourselves the way people perceive us. A reflection which should not undermine our true-selves, but one that should be used to alter our flaws. Since we are unaware of the magnitude our decisions, character and composition projects to the outside world, it is therefore important to begin to reevaluate ones life differently, through private and sensitive information and communication that are unsatisfactorily passed, which mainly appear discriminating and unwise. Hence, brings discomfort in the manner it was  conveyed.

Trust me, we all need some kind of change and looking at ourselves the way people see us should not be totally dismissed, whether or not the complaints are inadequate. They should be opinions to consider once in a while, so as to balance our choices. Most times our outside reflections may appear contrary to the truth, but there is good in every negativity and it is up to us to fetch it out. These disagreeable suggestions are meant to be critically evaluated if one is to think of getting better in specific areas of ones life. Moreover, our dis-satisfying behaviours may be what has prevented us from achieving a determined goal.


The wrongly perceived deeds and exploits which enables people to make judgement on a person can most times permit those who know you or have heard of you to have a notion towards your character that you did not even know you possess. X pj

A realisation that could help you grow in delicate areas of your personality. Take for example, an outsider can see how prosperous you are without even thinking that way about yourself. And I am not just talking about material possessions. A person might think he or she are not good enough in seeking higher education, acquiring leadership roles or becoming a successful entrepreneur, yet his or her family and close friends recognise the power and courage embedded in them to become those spoken dreams.

When an artist achieves a sold-out concert, he is amazed at the crowd which came out to see him. “An ordinary me from nowhere” is what resounds in his thoughts. In a good light, the public him as a jewel, excited in his presence, while he saw his struggles and imperfections. discerning such a turn-out, the artiste is overwhelmed by the immense love from a crowd he never expected would participate in his concert and from then on he continues to build his confidence by producing more music due to the new knowledge of his fan base. Whereas in a not so good light, a very tender loving person could be seen as proud and unapproachable on the outside, due to the walls he had built around himself. Therefore, becoming aware of these facts due to certain reality could make him realise it is time to pull down those obstructive walls preventing his true nature. These are some examples of the “Public Mirror” which we are unaware of and should be carefully and unhurriedly  deliberated on when it becomes an actuality.

Therefore, when some say that they do not care how people see them, I think this is untrue to some degree. A young lad might not care about public impression as much as the other, but it does not mean that the accepted mirroring of what is known to the public by no means affect the individual in question. However the case, I think such line of thinking should be reappraised.

“The way someone sees you does not imply that, that is who you really are, but it is a suggestion to run with, either by changing the views if it denotes a negative personality or topping it up with some icing if the reflection is somewhat pleasing.” X pj


The “public eye” such as your boss, family relatives, friends and fans might see what you do not see. Therefore, it is advisable to take in criticism, filter the tone and manner in which it was given, and only then will you clearly see the root which gave birth to such an opinion. A new year is approaching yet again and these reasons for dis-satisfactions that are mostly not pleasant in the ears could be resolutions needed to appear on your list in order to be observed, resolved and stroked out before the end of next year.

X pj

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