Motivational Speakers

Let us ventilate The reasoning against motivational speakers

In more recent times, some are of the notion that advising others is a complete waste of time, due to the declining trust held for pastors, coaches, professors, mentors or general speakers. Hence, many have taken different platforms, especially social media, to express dissatisfaction for speakers who are not in the supposed “good standing” and have continued to warn the public from listening to any sort of success story or mere lifting words.

It brings me to these questions, 1) are positive words not free, and shouldn’t they be taken as what they are (in its simplicity) and not particularly from who’s mouth it was uttered? 2) Why is the “moral of the story” behind a “success story” being neglected?

My fellow humans, it is without a doubt when I say advises are easier said than done and the rate of deception is on an all time high, but if one do not speak life or share positively compelling narratives, how can the seed of hope germinate? We cannot ignore the fact that what we read and listen to everyday becomes a seed planted in us, even without our knowing. Hence, it is better to at least read or listen to what is hopeful, than what is fearful, regardless of who is saying it, because someone has to say it and it could be satan himself. As long as it brings clarity, steers you in the right direction or awakens your spirit, you might as well take it. And hey, it is free of charge.

What do you think? I would like to read your views on “motivational speakers” and towards the end of your opinion, please share a seed (any sort of encouraging word) to help strengthen us as we yet again strive for our livelihoods and dreams during the week.

So, here is my seed for the week; There are opportunities everywhere, but most times we look away from them, chasing what is already lost, instead of standing in anticipation. Waiting might seem unending; patience might run out, strength has denied you, words will fail you, but it is better to stop, pause, in this moment. If you have forgotten why you started, this is the time to reflect on that dream, in other to take new actions that will catapult you to the very next stage you have always hoped and prayed for. And in such a time, learn why the previous thing/s failed and how to succeed when next an opportunity knocks. The times that seems as though nothing is happening, it is an extraordinary blessing if only you can bask in the knowledge of it.

It is all in your hands!
Play this game called life in your favor.
You owe it to yourself!
Opportunities are bound!

I am sure waiting to read from you.😊
It’s going to be an interesting on.😁
Bye for now and I wish you all a splendid week 😊

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