More than Myself

I know he loves me
Look at all the boxes around me
The labels, white and shiny and clear
Sounds of happiness I cannot phantom
Many delight in the surprise of a river flow
My eyes still watery I am overwhelmed
Death was the only solution yet he caved

Every pain was for my good, a plot twist divine.
The noise led me to find courage, a secret in his keep.
How great you are, I saw it in the millions
If only I can explain this gushing explosion
Magical you may deem it, but his mercies I see
Visions buoyant, once weighty now lucid
My arms stretched, floating in the breeze
I savour the swirls of incense, the goodness that you are
The beauty that is riding my way is hurrying along
Again you are leading the army, the undefeated soldiers.

Oh Jesus! Lover of my core and deepest bottom.
An evident name I battled hard selfishly
Why is it now that I truly recognise purity
I didn’t think of him as the way, truth or light
I just followed the teachings of my guardians.
It took me long but it was worth the while and wait
Over and gone a meekness, such foolishness will never return
For I now understand and appreciate who loves me beyond myself
I have found who loves me more than me, a devotion unknown
A love given in ages past but present in everyday
A blood shed to turn the eyes of my heavenly father
To see me in all of my sin and afflictions, yet kiss my cheek
To rescue my feet from the bondages of fear, my name conveyed
I have taken my portion and will hold on dearest till dust
Truly, Jesus loves me more than I love myself.

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