We are Doors

People are doors. Pathways are humans.
Some, a large and imposing hinged barrier
Padlocks to a dream, Keys to a mighty fall
Now I walk through a passage, hoping for the best
Openings to self and faith, blocks to fear and pain
That is what we signify. This is everyone, man or child
A symbol for future diverse pathways
Direct means of access but egress from portals
Others escaping through the rear exit
It seems the roof will get rid of the smoke
The alarm by the doorway is blinking
Signalling others of an entry to an end
Open is the hatch and a dive into the empty.

With his presence comes a time capsule
Just a particular entrance away from or towards a life
A difference in moments at that very instance
Through the doorway to light, or darkness
Swinging and sliding, closed or opened
Opportunities open new golden doors
Gates also keeps opportunities grounded
A situation passes when we leave and another opens when we appear.
All are the dual carriage way to the future.
All experience life through these vehicles, these billion people.
The passage can never be predicted
The situation glowing will be accounted
The consequences must be attained.

Doors that help you achieve your aims and find the success that you seek.
Doors of abundance, material and professional success
Doors laying a solid foundation for future success
Doors providing you with the strength and energy
Doors of balance, self-discipline, and achievement.
Doors of encouragement, to persist in your endeavours
Doors of diligence, determination and greater success
Doors to embrace and guide the path to one’s life mission
Doors of blessings and financial abundance
Door of hope and joy, and plenty opportunities
Doors of faith and courage, hard-work and persistence
Doors of celebrations and achievements
Courageous and strong many who never give up.
Fortunate, if you find this clear passage.

Doors that dismiss your natural ability and talent
Doors that promote fear and insensitivity
Doors that steal your energy, take the ownership for any accomplishment
Doors of struggle; financially, emotionally and physically.
Doors of difficulty to see a brighter future, and failure to envision a dream big.
Doors of manipulations and falsehood
Doors of heartbreak, low self-esteem and depression
Doors of negativity; anger, resentments, envy, lies and stress.
Bitter, callous and controlling people parade the lobby.
Unfortunate, when there are no red flags to pick.

Fight warrior and seek the messiah who snatches away
He closes the doors of destruction on your behalf
It is said that he alone shuts doors no man can open
Ends the destruction that it brings to a life.
Never will amplifiers protect the people meant to be destroyed by immortals
Certainly shall we not meet such a kind again or dwell in its force.
Handle decorated and entrance cleaned
The dirty walls looked marvellous, like a palace.
It seemed wonderful, thinking it necessary
Willingly chained to its snare many lived behind it
Some madness held kept us unwise
But some knew what was seen, the emptiness
The rote and smell it exuded yet many danced
Every failure comes with an opportunity
Few let this door service their path to life.

This day was to come, I knew it
When this chapter will burn
A passage closed forever underneath
A door sealed in eternity above
A relationship forgotten in the past
Faded away like smoke in the wind
Gone and forgotten and replaced
No path, not a sign just gone forever
Sweat to remember but escape now left in the past
The run was practically desperate and quick, like a vehicle.
They say it was magic, vibrational essence
Someone said it was a miracle, a framework.
Without further explanations, we all chained our gates
Sealed behind ourselves is our world, in this reality.

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