Garden of Eden- A Promise Letter

Dearly Beloved,

Who’s father’s name is written in stones
Welcome to a favourable new land
Where it is greener than the other side
When truth prevails and conquers
Your chariots are well received, come, follow
Fair maidens are psyched to cater, to loosen your robe
Water, in readiness to alleviate those fatigued limbs and shoulders
A gold tub is steaming uncontrollably, incense burn away
Foretelling the moments of whispers and tranquility.
Rest my love, a table befitting has been prepared
A bed made of the finest feather and fabric awaits.

Do not be petrified of what appears impossible
Every moment here has been agreed upon a signature
It was black and white in the waters many decades past
A word of honour now declared for all to discern
A distance future is now present as a flourishing gift
To keep and hold till eternity long.
Yes, the sun will shine forever beautiful
The moon will be dear when you need it
Murmurs of your return is now aloud
Let the fox run the news to those afar
Howling we hear, a signal of celebration
Oh yes! Turn to the satisfaction of pure white silk
The time of glorious abundance is right.

Be strong in this new land of twinkle
Where food is plentiful and smiles anew.
Your arms will grow strong to withstand
Eyes of wisdom shall pierce through mountains
If need be and when the snake proceeds along
For indestructible doom lurks once in a set moment.
Not all is flushed when the alarm sounds or quacking grounds
For it is tried and true in time near and time far
You will be called upon to stand before kings and immortals
Fight! They will cheer, Fight you! Push you!
But know that The Father is with you in promise.
So, let your snore thunder between your pillows
No one will again eat from your apple tree.


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