Dearest Readers,

I am so delighted that you made the leap into a new year. To those who enjoyed a pleasant 2020, experienced an overwhelmingly incredible year, congratulations! Whereas, if it was a heart-wrenching year, attempt to pick the many pieces, placing them accordingly will be the very right thing to do. The power of completion, which is core embedded, will allow and enable the wilfulness to pursue a fullness of heart. For in every disheartening situation we become stronger, an enablement to face the light at the end of the tunnel, a light meant to be experienced by all if the decision to weather the storm is of upmost priority.

Dearest, however happy or broken the plot seems to be in your favour, since you landed on both feet, you made it! This means, the chance to another lifetime is yet again given; to push, to hope, to love, to work towards dreams. Hence, be grateful, be happy!

Count yourself lucky to have been chosen to wake every morning, for it is an intangible blessing that cannot be bought by any means possible. Remember current situations were once in dreamland. Therefore, seize the moment with a sense of obligation and readiness to show appreciation.

Moving forward, 2021 can be whatever you wish, but keep in mind those situations you cannot change. 2020 was a big reflection of this very fact; one cannot always plan without having in mind the unavoidable. I could never have imagined the occurrences in 2020 and I know this visualisation is clearly painted in a comprehensible sight.

From this very experience, should I say to love more in this year 2021. Sing adorations aloud. Allow it to win your soul and the hearts of anyone willing or unwilling to perceive. What this means, is, do not hold back on your true feelings, make it known, for you are made of pure love. Secondly, give as much as you can. Be charitable to numerous but mostly to yourself; self-building, both intellectually and physically. Invest in oneself sufficiently in order to improve on how one sees thyself. This should be the goal. Last but not the least, move forward by working hard and making suitable resolutions relating to the body and mind. Make that decision; start that business, join that class, listen to that speech, measure your performance, write that book, take that trip, end or start that relationship, take that break and so on. It’s turning around for you, so keep pushing in the new year as it is never too late to stand up and make a choice.

I wish you the very best in the year 2021 and as you settle in this new journey, remember that you are walking a finished road. The end has already been achieved, but if you know that God is the driver and you the passenger, then there should not be a worry as each day passes.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! and great to be back with you in this new year.
With Love,
X pj.

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