Something is Nothing

To know us is to become
To live for us is to suffer
To die for us is to live after
To forget us is to slave
Practice your spellings
Stop this nonsense.

What did the wise man say
He did not say anything
Everyone said something
But no one is saying anything
Anything could have been something
Leave it in the post for Mr Social Media.

Forget about the beginning
He knows everything
Everything plain of the globe
Moving across in this spherical
Time is always telling later
Names between many lines
A Hero carved in the hearts.

Correctional facility they say is good
Yes it is safe from the mouth waging demon
Spirits of eternal peace and yet slavery
Why still come to heaven by choice
Move on and listen not to madness
Make intensions known to the seeker
Pay attention to the priceless.

The tears have fallen now, run like a coward
Offer those hands for nothing see it fail
Live in poverty and offer riches still
Be good to the baker don’t puncture his tires
Join in on the ride to nowhere will be good
No quick stops for something to get nothing.


Dedicated to Chardwick Boseman. Rest in Power King T’Challa, Black Panther.

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