Staying Fit is a Mindset

Restoration of body health

Body Goals

Can I say most women of today somehow look as though they were teleported from the 50’s? Our waists are tiny! And we are trim or thin! As compared to when obesity ruled. However, with few exceptions having enlarged their buttocks and hips to questionable sizes. What can we say the women of this generation and the women in the 50’s had in common? Well, I will say it is a similar mindset. Taking care of your body starts from the mind, regardless of whatever reason, whether important or mundane. Once the brainpower has been activated fully then there is no going back from a health body.

Struggling with your body weight some or most times is an evidence of the mindset that is at play in every given moment. Staying healthy they say is a better option, but has anyone told you that it is with a high amount of discipline, tolerance and perseverance. However, continuing in a particular frame of mind can help keep the body in the required shape and posture.

Cigarettes cannot cure anxiety.

Why do you want to quit smoking? Is it because you just want to quit? Many put cigarettes to rest for one major reason alone, health concerns! Before defeating such a demanding and dangerous habit, the battle was first won in the mind, after several reasons of finally deciding to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, If you do not know why you have decided to stay fit, then you will not stay fit for long. Staying fit is achieved through a disciplined mind. It is when a person believes in restorative choices for a good physical and mental condition that he can truly attain a healthier life.

Why should I not eat all the junk and drink as many fizzy drinks as possible? What you eat is very important to how you look. As we grow older the chemical processes that occurs in the body are not as functional as it used to be. The body strength to fight off excess fat is not as withstanding as it used to be in our teens or twenties. This is why it is very important to watch what you eat and the time of consumption, as these are very important measures to when trying to avoid being overweight.

Leave the junk alone.

There is no doubt that fast food meals are a frequent treats in recent times. This means an increase in average calorie and sugar intake per day; due to bigger portion sizes, there are more meat and cheese, fewer eggs and less veggies. Also of late, there are more time spent seating and a smaller amount of time exhausted running errands. But the women of today such know how to keep themselves in good shape. More women in recent times practice yoga to fight suffering and depression, since it has been proven to improve body strength and flexibility, forge stronger immune system and hormonal balance. Another way of staying positive in other to enhance the brain power is by meditation. A method now practiced by many to help keep their thoughts in line with being healthy. Gratitude has also been seen as a method to retain positive energies. Deeply honouring what you have and distributing positive affirmations to yourself and others equals a happier life. Also, seeking therapy to successfully relieve a disorder or treat the mind from painful emotions has become a favourite too for emotional healing.

Practicing yoga and mediation is a healthy option.

In conclusion, fasting has become an unarguable means to retain the body weight within desired kilos or pounds. People fast daily within a particular time frame for the sole purpose of keeping fit. In resent times fasting has gained popularity. However, what we now call fasting was in the past called starvation. Starving oneself to keep fit was an exercise that was highly criticised at that time. Also, I think we should also thank the “waist trainers” for its great job. Wearing it around the waist, a serious dedication powered by the mind, has helped a lot of women reduce recognisable inches around the stomach. Also, BBL surgical treatments, a more dangerous route, have become a favourite amongst divers classes and age groups of the twenty-first century women.

Having a sound mind is enjoying moments of peace.

Exercising daily, eating the right meal and portion, drinking loads of water and getting enough sleep are just some of the most important habits of nurturing healthy habits which keeps the body in shape. However, if it does not come from a certain state of mind; motivation and reasoning, then it wont be long enough until one’s body comes crashing. Below are some of the measures an individual would need to partake in after activating the reasons for fitness and a healthy life.

Unhealthy mind habits influences anxiety and fatigue

Having a sound mind allows you to recognise what your heart, body and mind needs. Hence, shielding your mind away from the feelings of distress and unhappiness. Tiredness and regretfulness often serves as facilitators which welcomes weight gain. Therefore, it is advisable to address anxiety. One of the best methods of releasing frustrations is by exercising. Anxiety and fatigue are mostly caused by constant unhealthy routine, were a person indulges in activities that alter energy, healthiness, complexion and slows down the process of healing. For this reason, exercising daily will produce positive energy. Many have concluded that constantly moving your body and feeding the mind with positive energies allows for a refreshed mind and balanced weight. There is no doubt that staying fit improves your mood and overall health!

Making and eating healthy meals

Furthermore, when exercising and eating the right food, your body will be strong enough to cope with stress. Caffeine, cooking oils, junk foods, sugary and fizzy drinks are often said to be unhealthy additions to the body and fails to give the body the nutrition it requires. Therefore, eating enough fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and more helps energise and optimises the functions of the body. Then, practice on setting up a dedicated time to go to sleep. The body is expected to rejuvenate and recharge up to at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night to release stress levels. Aside from following a healthy sleeping routine, maintaining a healthy eating diet is a very important input when nourishing the body. It is advisable to follow a clean diet of fresh fruits and juices to eliminate accumulated toxins. Eating healthy restores the body’s health; balances hormones, purifies the blood streams, manages stress and maintains weight. Moreover, the body needs proper hydration. Therefore, drink loads of water as it is a natural healer with maximum strength in detoxifying. Understand that there is no alternative to water. Lastly, quit smoking and drinking to restore your hormonal balance, immunity and body energy.

Good Luck

X pj.

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