Entitlement; No Masters! No Servants!

The benefits of the internet and social media are enormous, but the disadvantages seems to be fast crippling our mindsets with fictitious believes. And it seems certain, that it will only get worse in the near future. We have become too special all of a sudden. Too opinionated and optimistic with high-rated privileges. We have surely gained disturbing entitlements from social media than honest communications, the sole reason why it was initially formed. 

Social media virus

A beggar feels entitled to a mans wealth. This person with not too many options, thinks it is his right, when he insist on a certain amount of money from a rich individual. A stranger has an opinion of how a person chooses to live, when to have children, how many children she should have or a specific number of women he should not impregnate. Two friends are quarrelling over likes on Instagram post, as one thinks the other owes her that much, to be amongst the first few people to like and comment on every single post. I wear Gucci cloths with a big bum or a rough beard in a Mercedes Benz, therefore I must be treated with respect and admiration. Entitlement!!!

Marriages are sweeping under dirty carpets due to this reason. Will a ship have two captains? It will surely meet its fate, similar destruction as The Titanic. Sing!!!

A sudden experience, be it catastrophic or successful does not warrant entitlement. If you have sat your ass through school for the required number of years to earn a certificate, then you are entitled to such a reward. If you have been in a long term marriage or you have truly, I mean honestly, sat in rough times, then you are entitled to such success. If your father fought wars and made a significant contribution to society then you are entitled to his honour and so on. However, this does not mean one should be overly entitled, even if you are an orphan. Successes are not yours in entirety, likewise failure. Although, these people are still far more worthy than the entitlement derived from social media followings, air brushed pictures, dragging someone through a muddy hole in the comment section, displaying luxurious fleet of cars or the many lies Instagram and Facebook accounts for on a daily. Constant pressure to be something amazing. Constantly needing to prove oneself. Inadequate!!!

Standing firm on opinions

If I may ask, how did you attain or calculate the entitlement you deserve. Porn? Marriage? Promiscuousness? Bullying? Surgery? Fraud? Drug peddling? Womanising? Suffering? Wealth? Poverty? Ultimate fan club? Parent? Babymother? Car owner? Business owner? House owner?Education? Philanthropy? Pastor? Traditional ruler? Government official? Language? Life is Gucci? Wedding ceremony? School? Ask yourselves how you came to the conclusion and then share it with others. Bland!!!

Note, your actions or possessions does not matter that much in the grand scheme of human existence. Especially in such a time of high-end illusion. What you see is not what you get, but a Buy one Get two free world. Magic!!!

Holding a non-Nigerian passport, Is this what makes you entitled? Then tell me —maybe I am mistaken, over ridding the dead donkey— why are you entitled? Why do you think you should treat people a certain way or think of yourself in a certain way clueless to you. It is these overly entitled people who think their opinions should be the last resort. My way or the highway, and trust me this mentality stinks like a fresh two-days poop. Stress!

I have had my own fair share of stinky entitlements. And when the unpleasant smell was danm to much for me to bare, I had to vacuum, declutter and detox this sickness from my mind, body and soul. A sickness which was fast growing at a deadly speed unfamiliar to me when I once felt I had achieved something. Hence, I had to be treated a certain way. What way? Bullocks!!! 

A clueless man who is trying to figure out life, jumps on a reality show and then happens to win the ultimate prize, then he fills entitled. This 21years old winner feels the need or suddenly think he can stand on a podium to lecture outgoing students about life. Likewise a woman who was once described as a brown skinned lady and straight, now much lighter in complexion and curvier, feels the need to show off her new appearance in ways to attract the opposite sex, encouraging other women to follow suite by wearing revealing cloths. “Have you seen my body?” She says! Now entitled for a pay raise. Entitlement!!!

Sex Entitlements

Ladies, why do you think you should be entitled to a mans sweat, when in a relationship. You should not feel entitled to his money and he should not feel entitled to your body and time. It should be freely given, if both parties think it is deserving of the relationship. Those who say, self acclaimed modern-day motivational speakers and therapists on Instagram, he must do this and must do that are still yet to properly defend reasonable grounds, were he is supposed to do the “many must” in a sexual relationship. Have you forgotten it is a choice? Shallow!

Loving someone does not mean they must love you in return. Hey girl, you have all of a sudden become entitled because you left your legs wide open on a Sunday morning or have recently increased the distance of your flat bum with your gathered Bet Naija coins. Instead of a blue-bubble entitlement in that not so distant brain of yours, why didn’t you seek an agreement, if possible, written clearly on a sheet of paper of what is required or mandatory, or are you not worthy enough to make it fileable? Do you really have something to offer though? Shallow! 

After several attempts to shut down the internet, slaying in what looks like a fairytale attire, almost bending to oblivion for the right pose and painting the skin with filters, the comments and likes just don’t seem impressive. Not adding up after the long hours to a five minutes show off. Oh well, its going to be a sad day for you again. Anxiety! You could have sworn that was going to be the day to hold and bag a thunderbolt. Zeus is admiring, Poseidon cannot keep calm, Aphrodite is questioning her beauty and to Hades, “their father!”. Try again tomorrow dear, the Greek gods may soon notice you. Entitled! 

Tired up in Anxiety

Entitlement makes you sick to your stomach, because you can never get the measure in which you require for every output. Now we have become entitled to big dreams. You envision a perfect relationship, beautiful children, blossoming business, high paying career, freebies because of comments, but yet we do nothing tangible or intangible to secure this haven. Do you not know that to succeed, one must prepare for failure? That for every dream, a person cannot accomplish it by his strength and hard-work? This over ambitious entitlement has to stop, or you will soon be that zealous fool you search for in others. Reason!!!

Optimistic dreams only

On social media, Where are the daily issues? The daily mood swings? The screams? The discouragements? The tiredness? The failures?. Is life without these things. Do we now have 24 hours electricity in Nigeria? Too Optimistic!!!

When you feel less entitled, acceptance of your own mundane existence, the constant pressure to prove yourself will fizzle out in no time. Therefore, keeping anxiety and stress far away from how you feel, and it is in such times your purpose will make manifest. Freeing yourself from mundane issues does actually allow you to achieve greatness and significance. Instead of obsessing you begin to improve. Accomplishing without judgement or imposing expectations. A growing appreciation for simple friendship, laughing with someone you just met, helping a person in need or creating something is what leads a person to becoming extraordinary. These basic experiences will start to serenade your mind and body to live true and ordinary. The ordinary being that you are finally equates to its answer. BOOM!!!

X pj

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