Xenophobia; South Africans attack Nigerian citizens.

The resurgence of racism and xenophobia against Nigerian citizens in South Africa has again dug the well of hatred in the hearts of many in the west. The attacks on Nigerian citizens and properties since August 29, 2019 has not only left our mouths loose, but it has created monstrous clouds across the African continent. It is with deep regrets to see our fellow South African brothers treat us Nigerians as enemies, because of mostly envy, after welcoming them and their businesses with open hands. The true representation of the Nigerian culture. In return, they stand and watch our men burn to death, torch Nigerian properties and shoot our citizens because of mere jealousy. Nothing justifies brutally killing another human being. Therefore, those South African murderers must remember their sins today, for it will linger on to their generations unborn and they will witness such pain as well, but not an agony caused by Nigerians.

South africans attack Nigerians

You cannot fight HATE with HATE. Winners never emerge from such a battle.

Fellow Nigerians, do not attack hopeless people, for you become hopeless like him. Do not attack envious people, for you become envious like him. Regardless of the pain, do not swim in the river of dead fishes. Find it in your heart to preach love, not for today, but for our dear country to continue to excel in all her endeavours.

When the ones who you cherish throw stones at you, be the fool and don’t retaliate. Who told you that wickedness and envy is what you interpret it to be. Wickedness and envy thrown, is a camouflage to pull down those elevated by grace.

Most times people provoke you so that you can be as bitter or as angry as they are. Because a man without the mark of hatred, deceit, envy and bitterness never falls from his white horse and heeds the call of abundance before others.

Attack on Nigerian citizens

 So, whenever you get attacked, do not fall a victim of this pretentious method of making you fall from grace. People will want to bring out the worse in you, just so you can fall from a certain spiritual elevation, which you might not see, but they can see it. So when it comes in the most disheartening way or from people who you love deeply, you must find the courage not to feed the flames. Hence, do not allow a borrowed hate quench the love that your archangels feed off.

No matter how many nations gang up against us, Nigerians will forever excel, but we must stand united in love for one another. Instead of pointing fingers, you know how many fingers points back anyway, so when speaking about this #xenophobia attacks, interact with compassion. Show mercy even when it is unnecessary.

We are not going to be dirty!
You are the Best! 

X pj

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